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Mobile Gym

LIMA – I’m quite happy that I packed my running shoes. I missed my happy post-workout glow.


I mapped out an easy running route during some free time in the newsroom. I daydreamed about running near the Pacific. I didn’t expect all the smog along Ave. Jose Prado in Miraflores.

The air cleared up when I ran down a residential street.
I loved this view from Malecón de la Reserva.

Benches as works of art in Parque del Amour. It reminded me of the beautiful mosaic benches in Barcelona.



100 Happy Days: Double Life Art

LIMA – We enjoyed a colorful introduction to Peruvian art inside the ICPNA – Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano.

Mark translated the exhibit descriptions. Artist Sigfried Laske literally waited for paint to dry as he created bold, surreal landscapes on earth and under the sea.

It’s the free gallery that keeps on giving.
Art gallery workers gave us brochures and posters.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

“Low bridge, everybody down…”

Mark was tickled when the crew played the Erie Canal song during our boat tour on the Erie Canal.

It was so cool to see the locks open and close on the water way that connects the Niagara River to the Hudson River. According to the boat tour’s website, 35 locks operate along the 363-mile canal. Vessels have been using it since 1825.

This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside.

Travel Theme: Ripples

One of my favorite ways to beat the heat: standing next to Niagara Falls in Canada.

We’re back in California after our New York/Canada vacation. My jeans feel too tight after eating our way thru Buffalo, Toronto and Montreal. I need to download all our vacation photos from my iPhone.

I am so happy to have my Daisy back home.
Soon, I’ll need to switch from East Coast time to my graveyard shift.

This is my entry for this week’s Travel Theme: Ripples.

Bonjour Montreal

BUFFALO – One more bite of Buffalo wings at the Anchorbar inside Buffalo International. We’re flying back to California. I can’t wait to pick up Daisy.

I enjoyed our New York and Canada trip. We spent a couple of days eating our way thru Montreal.

  • We explored the Latin Quarter, Little Italy and Old Montreal.
  • We ate breakfast at Marche Jean-Talon. We did a picnic of oysters, samosas and cider next to the oyster counter at Boite Aux Huitres.
  • Breakfast at Montreal's Marche Jean-Talon

  • We took a boat tour of Old Montreal Port. Rocky waters on the St. Lawrence Seaway thrilled me.
  • We passed by closed boutiques and gay bars along Rue Sainte-Catherine.
  • I prayed a couple of Hail Marys at Basilica Norte-Dame.
  • We indulged in poutine in what some call “fast-food heaven” – La Banquise.

I wanted to stay in Montreal for another week. I loved it!

Together Again

MONTREAL – The rain followed us to Canada.

We spent 7 hours on the road. Drove past the One Thousand Islands. Answered questions at the Canadian border.

Finally, we checked into our hotel in Montreal’s Latin Quarter. Hopefully, the sun will come back for our Quebec trip.

Family Cookout
We got lucky with the weather yesterday. Mark’s mom, Terri, and his aunt hosted a family cookout in Burt, near Olcott Beach.

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