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The freckles in our eyes…

Two years ago, Mark got down on one hand and knee here…on the beach at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. He proposed, I said yes…and that was the start of our next great adventure.

One year ago, we tied the knot. It was the most amazing day of my life. I’m grateful we were surrounded by family and friends. I can’t wait for Jennie to have this experience in Nov! I think her wedding dress was a little more comfortable than the one I wore. I hope so.

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My brother’s heading to Iraq soon….

A picture from when we were younger and when things were not as complicated.

Now we’re all grown up. David’s in Kuwait and he reports his unit will be moving to Iraq soon. My family prays for him. I pray that he’ll be able to get some rest – to get some sweet dreams. My husband and I were thrilled David could make it to the wedding. His high school buddies drove him to the church. I remember taking his uniform to the dry cleaners, earlier that week.

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More Pictures before the Wedding Ceremony…

OK – since I got time…I’ve used that extra time to upload more pix from the wedding. Thanks to Andrea, Mita, Uncle Truck, my Dad and any one else who used a digital camera to snap up these lovely pix. Thank you!

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Still a beautiful sunset after the rain…

IXTAPA — Yeah, I worked on my latest Nora Roberts book on our private beach at the hotel, in the rain. It reminded me of the Philippines. Simply refreshing. Then I watched the sunset on the balcony.

Mark´s pretty sick right now. We think he ate something bad at Il Ferno, on Wed. So, he´s taking it easy in the room. I got a bit stirred crazy and wandered into downtown Ixtapa, on my own. It´s a beautiful hotel…but there´s only so much I can explore before I need to spread my wings and stuff like that.

Both our Frommer´s Guide and Lonely Planet guide advise women against going out without a male escort. How 1950´s! I was a bit nervous getting into the cab on my own. I have a pre-schoool level of Spanish under my belt. But folks are sweet down here….and I feel relatively safe. Besides, Mark pointed out that if I ever want to cover news in a war region like Baghdad – then I have to get used to traveling on my own in a non-English speaking place like Ixtapa.

So far, so good. I made my way to an internet cafe next to Il Ferno – they have live music going on. I´m sipping a Corona and looking at the pix Uncle Truck took of the wedding. He got some great shots of the bridal party before the processional.

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Boy do I look nervous! I was worried about slipping on my dress and falling on my face before they played Wagner´s Bridal March. It didn´t happen.

We had everyone march into Debussy´s Clair de Lune. Love that piece of music.

Damn, I hope Mark gets better. It´s his honeymoon as well.

I got married!

Wow. We looked great. We’re happy. We’re exhausted.

We had a beautiful collection of people from all of walks of life – intersecting at this amazing, beautiful moment in our life.

Yeah! I’m a Mrs!

On to the Honeymoon!