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Father’s Day in Covina

My dad loves cooking. So we let him have his way in the kitchen. We had a tomato egg scramble with Filipino sausages and rice.

Moonlight in Covina

According to Mark: I fell asleep at my Ninang’s house ’round 4:30. This is after a few shots of Tequila. Crazy times, hanging with my family.

A sonic boom over Covina…

[from] Mark and I woke up for the Discovery landing – yesterday morning. We also woke up a couple of times Monday morning (starting around 3 AM or so) – to watch the delay of the landing and eventually, the scrubbing of the landing. I thought it was cute the shuttle crew woke up […]

Decorating palm trees

COVINA – Sipping coffee and watching an otter attack a teen in Florida. The teen keeps his camera rolling as the otter transforms from playful creature to vicious monster. That video goes viral on YouTube. The teen may have a future in TV news. We skipped the Black Friday mall mayhem/madness in favor of the […]

Ordering seafood in Baja

COVINA,CA – Move over, Rachel Ray and forget about $40-a-day. My hubby and I enjoyed fresh fish, beer and beautiful beach views in Ensenada for $20. God bless the 12 pesos-1 dollar exchange rate. As part of my birthday weekend, I wanted to make this picture a reality: watching the waves crash as I enjoyed […]

Couch on the Freeway

COVINA, CALIF — Watching the morning news. KTLA’s chopper had a cool shot of the Rose Bowl Stadium. It’s all decked out with the colors of the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks. According to the pilot, choppers are not allowed to fly over the Rose Bowl on Game Day. That’s a damn shame. […]

Bring Your Bear To Work Day

For Halloween, I brought in some Halloween Oreo Cookies for my co-workers. Only 130 calories per package. I also brought in all my Cal gear for my Tailgate Fashion Show. I asked everyone to bring in their college school gear for our set. Somehow, Andre snuck into my bag. Again. You remember this bear right? […]

Beer Fest!

COVINA, CALIF – It’s 60 Degrees and Sunny in Covina. We’re spending Mother’s Day with my family in Southern California. So, Happy Mom’s Day! Yah! This weekend trip home gave me a break from all the stress at work. We’re in the middle of Sweeps and it’s been intense inside the newsroom. I’m so grateful […]

Cut a Hole in the Turkey

COVINA, CALIF — Home for the Holidays! I’m still waking up at 3 AM because my body’s still on overnight mode. It still feels so good to be back in home in So Cal with my family. [Thanksgiving dinner in London 2004, with my Medill buddy Andrea, my mother-in-law Terri, and Mark’s cousin, Eileen] My […]

Here We Come!

COVINA, CALIF — Time flies when I back in So Cal with my family. We’re driving back to Nor Cal in a few hours. I’m grateful many of them agreed to take a day off to sync up with my funky weekend schedule. My sleep schedule was also messed up. I’m sure I’ll be back […]