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Live Music in Western New York

After passing by this nursery in Lockport, I think it would be cool to add a Statue of Liberty to my front yard. This was one of the many roadside landmarks we passed by on our Buffalo vacation. We also had a chance to check out the Artpark in Lewiston. I knew about the spot […]

Last day in New York…

On our last day in New York…we drove down to the falls for lunch. I was amazed by all the sunflowers we saw. I’ve lived in Kansas for 9 months now, and I haven’t seen a lot of sunflowers. Maybe one or two popping up by a mailbox. But that’s it! In New York, we […]

Reunion in New York

A few minutes ago…. “Mark? If I showed you a picture of one of your cousins, would you be able to identify him?” He walks over and stares at this picture. He flips my Powerbook upside down and peers at his face. “Adam,” and my hubby went on to jog my memory. This cousin competed […]

100 Happy Days: Beach Walk

Clap your hands! Finding the time and the moments that make me happy. Daily. For 100 Days. What was I thinking?

Photo Friday: Autumn 2013

I saw the beginning of Autumn in Buffalo, New York. Trees blushed red, orange and gold inside Delaware Park.

Travel Theme: Ripples

One of my favorite ways to beat the heat: standing next to Niagara Falls in Canada. We’re back in California after our New York/Canada vacation. My jeans feel too tight after eating our way thru Buffalo, Toronto and Montreal. I need to download all our vacation photos from my iPhone. I am so happy to […]

Bonjour Montreal

BUFFALO – One more bite of Buffalo wings at the Anchorbar inside Buffalo International. We’re flying back to California. I can’t wait to pick up Daisy. I enjoyed our New York and Canada trip. We spent a couple of days eating our way thru Montreal. We explored the Latin Quarter, Little Italy and Old Montreal. […]

Together Again

MONTREAL – The rain followed us to Canada. We spent 7 hours on the road. Drove past the One Thousand Islands. Answered questions at the Canadian border. Finally, we checked into our hotel in Montreal’s Latin Quarter. Hopefully, the sun will come back for our Quebec trip. We got lucky with the weather yesterday. Mark’s […]

Let’s Go Buffalo!

WRIGHTS CORNER, NY – Tim Horton’s coffee and breakfast sandwich for breakfast. You may have seen the billboard for this iconic Canadian donut chain during NHL playoff games. My hubby and I couldn’t believe we spotted a Tim Horton’s ad along the railing at Staples Stadium during the King’s dismal series against Chicago. The big […]

Tea, please…

New York looked cold. Cabos looked hot. Ontario International looked like home.