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President Obama

I co-produced our live coverage of the Inauguration. I gave cues to our photogs at the watch parties, letting them know we’re taking their live pictures of locals watching the ceremony in D.C. Lots of tears and cheers from our watch parties.

Under Pressure

Ignore the bear in the newsroom. I decided to bring a bear to work during my last week at my Sacramento newsroom. Other producers looked at me funny. On-air folks took it in stride. As my cousin would say, Andre’s butt has sat in interesting spots around the world. That’s another reason why she’s a […]

Slamming out scripts, answering newsroom calls

This week, I enjoyed breakfast as Patch local editors swapped tales and checked iPhone messages at That Bar in Danville for Happy Hour. This is my kind of bar food. My hubby and I shared bacon, egg and jack cheddar cheese sliders. I wanted the eggs over easy so that the yolk would spill over […]


ST. PETERSBURG – Priests chanting. Incense burning. Believers bowing their heads and making the sign of the cross. I wandered into Nikolsky Cathedral and watched a week night service. I was on a scouting trip to the Mariinsky Theatre and I was trying to figure out how to walk to Metro after the ballet. I […]

The City of Lights

So many lovely memories of Paris floated back for me when I saw this shot of the President Obama and Malia inside the Pompidou Centre. P060709PS-0023, originally uploaded by The Official White House Photostream. This is a charming shot. I hope Malia and her sister treasures their memories of this family trip in Europe. Our […]

Dig In

Hello May. I’m quite happy Vacaville got rain overnight. My veggie garden can use it and it syncs up nicely with my Saturday morning watering schedule. I’m also following all things about gardening, including the First Lady’s green efforts at the White House. I think Michelle Obama’s amazing. She’s a style icon, dressed in fashion-forward […]

In the Basement

I think my dad is going to be tickled that I posted this video clip. I wanted to upload this file after Elections because I didn’t want to jinx anything. Plus, Election Day and the results kept me crazy busy in the newsroom. January 3, 2005 from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo. I had to sleep […]

Missed the Debates?

[from the Huffington Post] I stumbled on this brilliant video of all 3 Presidential Debates from Get the latest news satire and funny videos at Pretty much the same arguments plus the same attacks. Now 23/6 has all the debate coverage edited into one amazing clip.

About Job Creation

When I worked on the Noon Show on Monday, I saw Andrea Mitchell’s weekend wrap on the political news. She played a clip from a SNL parody on last week’s CBS Interview with Governor Palin. And she played it side-by-side, with the real interview by Katie Couric. [Image from: From:] Bottom Line: Tina Fey […]

The Last Days of Saturn

Viva my weekend. I’m taking it easy for these last days of being 29-years-old. originally uploaded by queenkv. Last month, we ended up in Lodi after the Stockton Asparagus Festival. An air-conditioned wine tasting at the Lodi Visitor’s Center helped revive us. The festival was fun but we were wiped out from walking through 100-degree […]