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Sunflower Cafe in Sonoma

We’re nibbling on a cheese and meat platter. It’s a relaxing afternoon with wine and a good book. I love my new work schedule that let’s me have weekends with my hubby.

Nicholson Winery in Sonoma

It’s autumn in Sonoma. I love how the vines are changing color out here.

Whiskey in Sonoma

Whiskey in Sonoma, originally uploaded by queenkv. Listening to live music at Murphy’s with Tyernconell Whiskey. So smooth.

Oysters from Murphy’s in Sonoma

Oysters from Murphy’s in Sonoma, originally uploaded by queenkv. Enjoying champagne and bbq oysters.They’re char-grilled. Tasty with some Yuccatan hot sauce.

The Swiss Hotel in Sonoma

The Swiss Hotel in Sonoma, originally uploaded by queenkv. Hanging out in Sonoma. This is the bar at the Swiss Hotel. It’s been around since 1909. I enjoyed the Kenwood Pinot Noir

Dusk in Downtown Sonoma

Dusk in Downtown Sonoma, originally uploaded by queenkv. Dusk in downtown Sonoma. We’re next to the the Spanish Colonial buildings. It’s 89 degrees and lovely outside.

Return to Sonoma

originally uploaded by queenkv. On Sunday, we did a late lunch at the Bistro in Sonoma. We had a bottle of Pinot Noir from Laurie. Yum!

Wrangling Puppies

She’s too unruly to compete for “Best-in-Show.” She’s too much of a lap dog to race after a dog agility title. And she’s way too pretty for “The World’s Ugliest Dog” contest in Petaluma. However, she’s perfect for cuddling. Daisy is also my walking buddy. I tweaked my ankle during a long run. Now, I’m […]

Return to Wine Country

While you were sleeping… I worked on scripts and video in the newsroom. At 2:00 a.m., I look at the time on the app running my show rundown and wire services. It flashed 3:00 a.m. I look at my Droid X for another time check. 3:00 a.m. Damn you Daylight Savings. Damn you. I knew […]

Can you unplug?

Wine Tweetups were ideal for people who like vino and who can’t put their smartphones down. I had a blast at this Sonoma Tweetup in 2009. I enjoyed watching the trailer for Connected. I thought the filmmaker raised compelling questions about being online, plugged into social networks and connected with the world. [Facebook peeps – […]