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Fog in Vacaville

Soupy skies over Cow Town. Kinda like the outlook on my future career. “Reply hazy, try again,” from the Magic 8-Ball” Also fuzzy – my eyes. Today, on the Alamo Creek bike/run trail, it was pretty obvious I had weak eyes when I took off my glasses. My spectacles got a little foggy after running […]

Santa Paws in Vacaville

This is becoming a Christmas tradition. Daisy liked St. Nick. But she didn’t like the 130 lb. husky hanging around me.

Our Christmas Tree in Vacaville

It’s our third Christmas as a married couple. We picked a noble fir for our Xmas tree. Daisy tried to eat some of the ornaments. Good times.

Family Time in Vacaville

Family Time in Vacaville, originally uploaded by queenkv. A lazy Sunday @ home with my family in Vaca town

Tai and Hamachi Sushi in Vacaville

Tai and Hamachi Sushi in Vacaville, originally uploaded by queenkv. A light lunch at Umi Sushi.

Filipino Food in Vacaville

originally uploaded by queenkv. I finally tried the food at the FS Oriental Store on Nut Tree Rd. I ordered the two combo special with Chicken Adobo and Dinuguan. It wasn’t bad for a hearty lunch. But I like my Dinuguan with a spicy kick. This serving (on the left) was a little bland. So […]

Return to Wine Country

While you were sleeping… I worked on scripts and video in the newsroom. At 2:00 a.m., I look at the time on the app running my show rundown and wire services. It flashed 3:00 a.m. I look at my Droid X for another time check. 3:00 a.m. Damn you Daylight Savings. Damn you. I knew […]

Stalking chicks and teeing off in Cow Town

Move over Ultimate Frisbee. Last month, Scott and Catalina introduced us to Frisbee Golf. We played part of a round at Lagoon Valley in Vacaville. It’s a relaxing, challenging game of skill and chance. Mother Nature was another player on the green by blowing strong wind gusts into the mix. Like the game of golf, […]

Weekend of Eating

(Side note: The job hunt, social media video projects and Google Reader distractions have pushed me behind on this blog and my little videos. I’m playing catch-up. I’m also grateful for everything that’s keeping me busy while I live a life of leisure in Cow Town) Good times in Vacaville: We rang in the New […]

Weekend Escape To Tahoe

Short weekend vacations rock my world. It’s wonderful to head to the Sierra when we need a change of scenery and break from life in Vacaville and the Bay Area. I missed watching snowflakes fall and our Tahoe trip gave me plenty of the white stuff. I snapped this picture of the mountain off Ski […]