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Midnight Lily interviews mememe

cool!!!!! i browsed a couple of blogs and stumbled upon Midnight Lily’s interview….so I decided to particpate in it….what’s the worse that could happen. here’s how interview meme… 1. If you want to participate, leave a comment saying “interview me.” 2. I will respond by asking you five questions – each person’s will be different. […]

Slamming out scripts, answering newsroom calls

This week, I enjoyed breakfast as Patch local editors swapped tales and checked iPhone messages at That Bar in Danville for Happy Hour. This is my kind of bar food. My hubby and I shared bacon, egg and jack cheddar cheese sliders. I wanted the eggs over easy so that the yolk would spill over […]

Coming up for air

Tug of the leash. Groan from the dog. Daisy always wants to run up to these fine-feathered visitors at Lake Elizabeth. I try to point out to her that her floppy ears won’t help her fly across the water. Plus, she’s not a fan of the water. According to her dog camps in Kansas and […]

Moving right along

Six years ago – when President Bush faced off against his Democratic challenger John Kerry – I faxed my Los Angeles County ballot from London. From cafes off Oxford Circus to our flat under the Old Burlington Arms, my fiancee telecommuted to Berkeley as I worked on my residency at Reuters. Five years ago – […]

2004 Highlights

And now…some of my favorite memories from this past year… I adored living in London and seeing the amazing sites in and around the city.

Christmas was meant to be sunny…

CALIFORNIA – beautiful! tank-top-weather! I’m getting my tan back! Yeah! (that was sarcasm…about the tan). I used to think that Bing Crosby had it right about a White Christmas…I used to think I was missing out on some magical thing with snowfall and snowflakes and actually needing a fireplace to stay warm….now I realized that […]

i waxed my eyebrows…

apparently, my professors and some other female students felt I had this uni-brow – Adam Corolla-like deal going down on my forehead….so, for the sake of TV News – I headed over to Art and Science – today and had a stylist wax my eyebrows….she said it would feel like somebody’s ripping a band-aid off […]

it’s funny how productive i can be when i feel alone…

tonight, i just feel jaded and alone…so i figured i might as well get ready for the next day… i packed a lunch – a salad, mushrooms, and carrots (i’ve left some salad dressing in my office’s fridge). filled up my water bottle. picked out tomorrow’s outfit and packed it in my hankido bag, along […]