Together Again

MONTREAL – The rain followed us to Canada. We spent 7 hours on the road. Drove past the One Thousand Islands. Answered questions at the Canadian border. Finally, we checked into our hotel in Montreal’s Latin Quarter. Hopefully, the sun will come back for our Quebec trip. We got lucky with the weather yesterday. Mark’s […]

Where Pets Do What Pets Love

Daisy spent the weekend at Pet Camp in San Francisco. “Thank you for calling Pet Camp, where pets do what pets love,” said one of the camp workers when I booked her stay over the phone. I love that line. I also love all the Daisy photos posted on their camper cameo site. (From Pet […]

Beach Walk

I saw Mark for about 15-20 minutes a day on my graveyard shifts. So, it felt like a blessing to be able to enjoy a long walk/hike/climb around Fort Funston on my weekend. We watched packs of dogs run into the ocean. Some of them nudged our legs and wagged “hello.” We snapped photos of […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Another year. Another promise to run more. These are my shoe prints from yesterday’s 2.5 mile run along the beach near Fort Funston. Funston is paradise for dogs. Tails wagging, balls flying and leashes wrapped around their humans. Clearly, my Daisy would be outraged by her 4-legged colleagues who have embraced the leash-less lifestyle. So, […]

Wrangling Puppies

She’s too unruly to compete for “Best-in-Show.” She’s too much of a lap dog to race after a dog agility title. And she’s way too pretty for “The World’s Ugliest Dog” contest in Petaluma. However, she’s perfect for cuddling. Daisy is also my walking buddy. I tweaked my ankle during a long run. Now, I’m […]