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Travel Theme: Old-Fashioned

Toot your horn. Trumpet and old-fashioned accents playing around inside the restroom at Taco Perla in San Diego’s North Park. Nostalgia on display in Barcelona. Vintage bullfighting poster at Museu Tauri.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Coming down with a serious case of wanderlust. Random moments, on the edge of dreams, in Mexico, Spain and Russia. Photoblog for #postaday

Photo Sunday: Stairs

Paid admission to the Museu Tauri in Barcelona allows you to explore this former bullfighting arena. We climbed up these “Vertigo” stairs to wander around the upper deck seating area. I blogged about the museum on my Eurotrip site. This is my entry for this week’s Photo Sunday Challenge: Stairs.

New Roots

Last weekend, I played in the dirt with my hubby. I ripped out weeds and dead stems left behind from our first garden in Cow Town. Next, we added new soil and mapped out spots for our new plants. Before dawn, I spent a few hours researching what plants work for our garden space. Last […]

One More Look At Marriage

The highest court in the state is taking another look at same-sex marriages. I found this informative pie chart on Wil Wheaton’sblog. It shows us what happens if gay couples marry. more music charts Are you afraid yet?

Giddy over the Rings

Today, I caught a new episode of Bourdain’s No Reservations: Tokyo. I slurped on my chicken-flavored instant ramen noodles as Anthony Bourdain ate handmade soba noodles with Chef Morimoto. One big difference, the Tokyo restaurant he was eating at has been making soba noodles since 1789. So yah. I suppose that’s a big difference. I […]

Burning Down Memories

It’s been a productive weekend so far: cleaning up, putting away papers, doing laundry, catching up on blogs, Top Chef and cuddling with the puppy. Daisy’s sleeping behind my chair now. I’m trying to avoid rolling over her. Sneaky puppy. If you have been following me on twitter, then you know I’ve wrapped my 7-Day […]

Hello Spring!

This morning, we went for our first run of 2007. It felt awesome to jog down Shunga Trail, 70-degrees outside with a helpful breeze. I suppose you could call me a fair-weather runner. The idea of running in the snow, rain or slosh does not appeal to me. That’s why we have gyms. On this […]

Hello Weekend

5 more shows and then Mark comes home. It’s easier to think of his business trip in those terms. I think two weeks feels like a lifetime. I’m happy this week is over. Rough patches over sleep and work nearly drove me bonkers the other day. I even tried turning to religion. This week, I […]

Already gone…

It’s gloomy outside, but I could already feel the warmth of Mark’s hug. I’m already in San Francisco, drinking in the beautiful Christmas lights. I’m already tasting the amazing selection of food and drinks in the city by the bay.