100 Happy Days: Double Life Art

LIMA – We enjoyed a colorful introduction to Peruvian art inside the ICPNA – Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano. Mark translated the exhibit descriptions. Artist Sigfried Laske literally waited for paint to dry as he created bold, surreal landscapes on earth and under the sea. It’s the free gallery that keeps on giving. Art gallery workers […]

Adventures in Married Life

Hubby’s working at home. Yah! It’s a pleasure to see him after my graveyard shift. After I finished up an episode of Bleach, I stumble into his room. Me: “I’m ready for a hug….this could be exciting” I let myself slump into his arms, basking in his strength and comfort. Him: “Felt like you were […]

Life is a Blur

It feels like my work days are blending together. We’re in the middle of sweeps. I’m slammed with crazy hours, breaking news and guest requests inside the newsroom. Before sweeps, I produced a very cool show with Dr. Oz. He even changed out of his suit and into some medical scrubs. Then he did yoga […]


From my weekends of Good-byes. Via Twitter, my Medill buddy made it home! She survived her cross-country road trip. I am in awe anyone who’s willing to hit the highways on her own. As for myself, I’m a wuss. I need my hubby for my own road trips – from Chicago, Topeka and then back […]

The doggies in my life…

Last night, we went into severe weather mode in the newsroom. My boss warned us we could be in for a long night. So I made arrangements with day care for Daisy to spend the night. Daisy and I love the folks at Dog Day Afternoon. They are so helpful, especially with Mark in Berkeley. […]

See ya next lifetime…

Sad news this weekend… Jen and family said good-bye to one of their own. Katie has been through so much with them. She even remembers our Lola. She provided comfort to Jen and she brought a smile to the faces of her parents. Good-byes never get easier. The best we can do is be grateful […]