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Back to My College Radio Roots

Earlier this month, we checked out the Davis music scene with a KDVS concert. One of my favorite bands from my KALX days, Casiotone of the Painfully Alone, headlined the $5 concert at on the UC Davis campus. LA-Based Foot Foot opened up the show. Foot Foot @ UC Davis from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

Animated Radio Goodness

I’ve started watching “This American Life” on Showtime. I’m amazed at how well this Chicago Public Radio program has translated to television. Then I stumbled on this clip from Laughing Squid: This American Life Segment Animated by Chris Ware. From radio to television to cartoon, “This American Life” can go anywhere with its touching, quirky, […]

last DJ shift on college radio…

at least for a while. Maybe I can hook up with a college radio station in Kansas if I have some free time from work….We’ll see. My shift is from 8-10 AM – today. According to, the traffic on the 10 East freeway is flowing around 70-80 mph. That’s a good thing. Mark’s still […]

My next show on KYOU Radio

Yeah! My third episode of aural fixations is now on KYOU Radio. Like my other shows, this podcast is scheduled with their regular online programming and on 1550 KYCY-AM. Vote for this episode! Vote over and over again! OK – now here are the times you can listen to Episode 3 – live: (PST) 2:00 […]

Queenkv – back on college radio….

I updated a few blogs with more pix…. Boat tour pix on my Chicago photoblog… Retreat pix on our wedding blog… AND I brought back my dj blog – ’cause I’m back on the air at KSPC – Claremont. You can catch my show on 88.7 FM or on line – tomorrow – from 2-4pm […]

100 Happy Days: From Sea to Shining Sea

Sea breeze tickle my hair. Ocean spray in my face. Debussy’s “Prelude to Afternoon of the Faun” played on the radio as surfers rode waves at Rockaway Beach in Pacifica. Before heading into the newsroom… I enjoyed a lovely BBQ party at Nick’s. Day 61 of 100 Happy Days.

100 Happy Days: Salsiccie e Fagioli

The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in our house. I love the smell of meat and vegetables simmering on the stove. David Rocco’s Dolce Vita helps me soothe my travel bug blues. His life and family in Florence look fabulous. Today, I made Salsiccie e Fagioli from his Spring Break episode. I enjoy […]

It Happens

I spotted this chocolate bar inside a Barcelona grocery store. We laughed, snapped a photo and moved on. I left the candy behind. Now, I found my new response to one of the most irritating questions: “Where are you from?”

Say La!

Video game music rocks my world. I liked playing the theme to Super Mario Bros. on my college radio shows. Now, I stumbled on this genius rendition thanks to the viral video blog on CBS News. This video put a smile on my face in the newsroom.

Being Green

All Songs Considered introduced me to this adorable cover of Kermit’s “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” I fell in love with Kermit’s ballad when I used to be a college radio DJ. It’s a sweet song with a lot of heart. Andrew Bird is also an incredibly talented whistler. I saw Andrew Bird opening for […]