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Wine Tasting In Yountville

Ruby’s owner worked at a clothing store above the wine shop. She got snippy when we visited her territory.

Live TV

originally uploaded by queenkv. I tagged along on a court story as part of my training. The reporter had a live report at noon. It was nice to be out of the office and watching the action in the field.

reality TV getting into my dreams….

ok – maybe it was the stuffing or the mashed potatoes….or both! i woke up confused….a little disturbed…..and with a lot of gas….. the first part of dream was in a reality TV show – this guy was traveling across the US – from NY to CA – to prove to his girlfriend in LA […]

100 Happy Days: Feeding My Soul

Feeding my soul with love. Watching TV with my Daisy. Feeding my soul with yummy food. Lomo Saltado sandwich from Sanguchon food truck. Feeding my soul with music. I thought our impromptu piano concert at Heritage Wines in Lodi would work for this section. Today – I loved this NPR segment on the science of […]

100 Happy Days: Carmel Valley

Hello Carmel! We paid $10 and drove down 17-Mile Drive. Anatomy of a selfie. Sometimes, we’re not ready for the trigger fingers. Better. Lunch at Cafe Rustica. Escargot? Oui! Day 86 of 100 Happy Days.

100 Happy Days: Pasta

Pasta inspiration from Extra Virgin. Debi Mazar’s family looked like they enjoyed making fresh pasta. Plus – it looked like this family had the solution to stop noodles from sticking together: Semolina. I followed Gabriele Corcos’ recipe. I was amazed by this pasta dough. It felt like we finally hit the perfect ratio of eggs […]

100 Happy Days: Dinner

Dinner and a documentary on the making of “The Prisoner.” We made zucchini meatballs. David Rocco’s recipe didn’t have any meat. I ended up calling them zucchini cheese balls. I also made garlic mashed white beans. I used Nigella Lawson’s recipe and added lime zest. Day 76 of 100 Happy Days.

Travel Theme: World Cups

I got a kick out of watching World Cup matches in Peru. I don’t speak Spanish. However- it seemed like all the sports networks generated so much analysis, commentary and chatter on every aspect of this international game. It sounded like they talked more about these matches than what I see and hear on American […]

100 Happy Days: Salsiccie e Fagioli

The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in our house. I love the smell of meat and vegetables simmering on the stove. David Rocco’s Dolce Vita helps me soothe my travel bug blues. His life and family in Florence look fabulous. Today, I made Salsiccie e Fagioli from his Spring Break episode. I enjoy […]

100 Happy Days: Fried Egg Sandwich

I love fried egg sandwiches. Lately, I like adding shiitake mushrooms and avocado. While I was in the newsroom, hubby sliced mushrooms. It was a pleasure to fry mushrooms and eggs. Then I assembled my little sandwich over garlic sourdough slices. Finally, eating in front of the TV. Bliss. Day 27 of 100 Happy Days.