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Baby, You’re A Firework

Just own the night. Like the Fourth of July. My first Big Bay Boom on Independence Day. We had the best seats in San Diego on our Flagship cruise. Come on, let your colors burst!

Travel theme: Work

Roasting chicken at Los Caracoles in Barcelona, Spain. Selling fish at the Mercado de Pesce in Ensenada, Mexico. Making a movie near the Kronverk Hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia. My entry for today’s Travel Theme: Work.


This summer feels like a blur. Here’s the view from my second office: inside the control booth. I don’t scream into my anchors’ ears, nor do I discuss my love life on headset. Yes, I’m still on the fence with “The Newsroom.”

Cure for a Bad Work Day

I managed to keep my cool inside the newsroom when nearly everything went wrong. My TGIF felt like a nightmare as I struggled to produce my show with less resources and high expectations. I worked on yoga breathing and I kept thinking about curling up into bed with my Daisy. I made it home. My […]

My Work Commute

While you were sleeping…. driving past Treasure Island… heading back to the newsroom. Also – I was not speeding. I set my Droid camera to “fast motion” mode.

Bring Your Bear To Work Day

For Halloween, I brought in some Halloween Oreo Cookies for my co-workers. Only 130 calories per package. I also brought in all my Cal gear for my Tailgate Fashion Show. I asked everyone to bring in their college school gear for our set. Somehow, Andre snuck into my bag. Again. You remember this bear right? […]

Work Week

Wiped out before Hump Day. This is the view outside of my newsroom, before I start working on my show. When I leave work, sometimes the sunlight seems to bright for my eyes. The sun’s still out and it’s almost bedtime. I am a vampire.

Walking After Work

originally uploaded by queenkv. We took advantage of the break in the rain and took Daisy for a walk. The creek behind our house filled up from this last storm. It’s a nice way to unwind from my crazy day inside the newsroom. Today was all about the weather. I ended up using our live […]

After Work

originally uploaded by queenkv. Doing an after-work hot chocolate at the Temple Coffee House in Downtown Sac. I think I’m getting how things work at my new station. Finished covering for another producer.Folks are tough but they all want the best newscasts on air. I don’t want to let them down.

Working at Wakarusa…

CLINTON LAKE — I’m sitting inside the media tent…waiting for the content management sites to load-up. Funny how my blog is faster than the work sites. The Wakarusa Music Festival has been fun so far. We caught Lotus at the Sun Stage and I had some yummy Indian veggie curry for lunch. But the technology […]