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Cool people humming along

I love this song.
It’s the only song I know by Europe. But it’s awesome. It’s something you sing when you’re ready for something big…

World Cup.
Black Diamond Run at Squaw Valley.
Election Day.
Season premiere of Burn Notice.

So – I also enjoy Freezepop’s version of this 80s anthem.
Rock on. Rock on.

Game Night

Hot Games
One of my favorite memories from my skating days: listening to the Zamboni crunch ice and rolling the ball over my initials on Centipede. I felt like kicking some butt on the ice after I see “KIS” next to the highest score on the screen.

Guarding my blocky shooter and firing at the slithering centipede was one way I stayed warm between freestyle sessions.


I suppose I’m a child of the 80s. Last year, we had a blast at the Atari Game Night in Davis.

Now – I’m counting down to December and the opening weekend of Tron: Legacy.

I am totally excited about this remake. The trailer looks amazing. I’m also crossing my fingers. I hope it doesn’t destroy all the things that made the original movie awesome.