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100 Happy Days: Double Life Art

LIMA – We enjoyed a colorful introduction to Peruvian art inside the ICPNA – Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano.

Mark translated the exhibit descriptions. Artist Sigfried Laske literally waited for paint to dry as he created bold, surreal landscapes on earth and under the sea.

It’s the free gallery that keeps on giving.
Art gallery workers gave us brochures and posters.

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Art in the City

It’s fun stumbling onto art in San Francisco.
Street Art in the Mission
I found this beautiful street art on a wall in the Mission.

Street Art in the Haight
An orange robot/alien character climbed up another wall in the Haight.

Levi's Plaza
Financial District workers enjoyed a lunchtime concert by Shotgun Wedding Quintet in Levi’s Plaza.

[Facebook peeps! Watch a video of the free jazz concert by clicking on my blog link!]

Where do you enjoy art?

Hello Dino

Hello Dino
Despite chilly weather, I enjoyed walking around Sacramento for Second Saturday. There were great deals from outdoor vendors (Check out the adorable Hello Kitty earrings that my hubby picked up for me!). Also, we browsed by some whimsical pieces by up-and-coming artists and rubbed shoulders with some outrageous characters.

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New Pets

Dreaming about hot dogs, sausages and other carnivore cravings in the middle of Lent.
Now – the meat is alive!

Banksy's Animatronic Pet Store

I stumbled on this weird and charming video via Digg.

I love the final shot of the hot dog sipping water.

So San Francisco

Imagine raising $75,000 to save this whimsical landmark.
Only in San Francisco.

Brian Goggin’s "Defenestration", originally uploaded by threecee.

I stumbled on the Brian Goggin’s Defenestration project over on Laughing Squid.

ABC 7 also covered Goggin’s fundraising party. I enjoyed the soundbite with the lady who wanted to save the toaster. Seeing the toaster hanging on a wall cheers her up daily.

I’m sure this appliance and its crew of hanging furniture, tools and gadgets would make anybody smile.

Return to the De Young

It’s always a treat to visit Susan and Tom in San Francisco. This month, we explored some tasty food and some beautiful heart in Golden Gate Park.

Bacon Donuts
First, we needed some fuel for our museum field trip. Susan picked up bacon donuts. Yum! Sweet, savory and filling.

Passing By
We tried to visit the newly renovated California Academy of Science on a Sunday afternoon. Turns out to be a popular day for museum visitors. Before we bought tickets, one worker announced there were 5,000 people inside and all shows have been sold out. I didn’t relish the idea of sharing the space with a mob of families and tourists. So we checked out the De Young Museum instead.

It’s been almost a decade since my last visit and I was blown away by all the new upgrades. The De Young is still a beautiful, innovative space for so many different types of art. But now it’s bigger than I remember it.

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