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Photo Friday: Cloudy

Cloudy skies are quite lovely. It helps when you’re exploring sun-kissed beaches in Maui.

I loved walking on the sand and surf at the Royal Lahaina Beach.

I miss falling asleep to the sounds of waves crashing.

Maui feels like a dream.

My entry for this week’s Photo Friday: Cloudy.

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Photo Sunday: Profile

Pony profile walking by our table on Playas de Rosarito.

Equestrian adventures cater to tourists, young and old, in Baja California.
Entrepreneurs aggressively stalked new visitors, hawking hoodies, jewelry and fresh coconut juice.
At our beach club: Two-for-one cocktails, ceviche and tacos. A Salsa-version of 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ (It’s Your Birthday) blasted away on the speakers.

My entry for this week’s Photo Sunday: Profile.

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Photo Sunday: Bug

Just a bug?
Adorable ladybug visiting Ocean Beach in the Spring.
Ladybug at Ocean Beach

This is my entry for this week’s Photo Sunday: Bug.

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100 Happy Days: Ocean

I love living close to the Pacific. Sandwiches and beer with a gorgeous view at Montara State Beach.

Hanging out



Day 8 of 100 Happy Days.

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Photo Friday: Signs of Summer

Enjoying warm days in the Bay Area.

A walk by the Pacific at Mori Point.

Wine tasting at Alpha Omega Winery in Rutherford.

My entry for this week’s Photo Friday: Signs of Summer.

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Feels like Winter

In the newsroom…
I’ve wrote about big rigs spinning out on slick icy roads.
I cut video of snow dumping on Midwest highways and neighborhoods.

Then I enjoyed California’s version of winter with my mother-in-law. This is Pigeon Point Lighthouse in Pescadero.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse
It’s always a pleasure to see visitors dazzled by sun-kissed beaches and the deep-blue surf.

What’s the weather like in your neighborhood?

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By the Sea

It feels like Fall. Warmer weather tempts us by the beach. The sun kisses my puppy’s nose.

We did lunch at Moss Beach Distillery in Half Moon Bay. We avoided the pumpkin-crazed mobs by going on a weekday. I understand Highway 92 is a traffic nightmare around this time of year.

Missing Half Moon Bay

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Photo Sunday: Beach

A private paradise in Lake Tahoe.
Enjoying blue skies.
Sipping St. Suprey Sauvignon Blanc.

Hanging out at the private beach at the Lakeland Village Resort.

Photo Sunday: Beach
My entry for this week’s Photo Sunday theme: Beach.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

We drove down Highway 1 after my graveyard shift. I took a nap. I woke up when traffic forced our car to stop by the Pacific.
I love waking up to ocean views.
Beautiful views of the Pacific on our #SantaCruz hike

Our TGIF goals for Santa Cruz:

It was a tasty, beautiful ending to my work week.

It felt like we escaped the daily grind during this beach hike at Wilder Ranch.

This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape.

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Hello Ocean

I love this place.
Hello Ocean
Also, I love living five minutes away from the beach.

Work may burn me out.
Life may be unfair.
The Pacific will always be here, by Fort Funston.

I can’t wait for Summer!

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