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Beach Walk

I saw Mark for about 15-20 minutes a day on my graveyard shifts. So, it felt like a blessing to be able to enjoy a long walk/hike/climb around Fort Funston on my weekend.

Fort Funston Beach Walk
We watched packs of dogs run into the ocean. Some of them nudged our legs and wagged “hello.” We snapped photos of waves crashing and rock formations. We spotted a crab beaching itself on the shore.

We walked into an old army bunker covered in graffiti.

My legs burned when we had to climb up the steep hill from the beach. We poked around the spot where hang gliders jump off.

We held hands.

It’s a good life.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

An odd food spot trend in Barcelona: naming restaurants after American states. I ran past “Nebraska” in our L’Eixample neighborhood. We also found “Kentucky” on one of our museum trips.

In Sitges, “Kansas” had a lovely bar on the beach.
This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign.

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Tea, please…

New York looked cold.
Cabos looked hot.
San Jose International
Ontario International looked like home.

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Day’s End

August 2004: Sunset in Ixtapa
First sunset in Ixtapa
My entry for today’s Photo Friday challenge: “Day’s End.”

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Photo Friday: Sundown

From our honeymoon in Mexico: First sunset in Ixtapa.
First sunset in Ixtapa
For today’s Photo Friday Challenge: Sundown.

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I love how these flowers blossom next to the Pacific. On my birthday weekend, I enjoyed the salty sea air, mild San Diego sun and my hanging out with my family.

This is my entry for today’s Photo Friday Challenge: Bloom.

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Photo Friday: Aqua

I think I need another vacation…
Enjoying the beach view for lunch
Still dreaming about seafood, surf and sun in Ensenada.
My entry for today’s Photo Friday challenge: Aqua.

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