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100 Happy Days: Team USA

I lost my voice cheering for Team USA during a World Cup Watch Party at Henry’s in Berkeley.

We got an awesome table thanks to Suzanne and Ryan. It was a fun game. It’s always a pleasure to watch soccer games with my News10 buddies.
World Cup Watch Party

Deja vu from four years ago.
Another bittersweet ending. I kept thinking Team USA would get break in overtime. Heck, we scored a goal!

However – Belgium just played better and knocked us out of the World Cup.

Better luck next time.
Day 58 of 100 Happy Days.

Paint it all silver

My birthday gift from my hubby: Flight of the Conchord tickets. Joy!

Waiting for Jermaine and Bret at the Greek Theater at Cal
Last night, we sat in the same seats I had for graduation at the Greek Theater and watch the New Zealand duo rock my world. Sure, most concerts at the Greek are about the music. Last night, it was all about entertaining the Cal crowd.

Binary Solo! from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

Susan and Tom introduced us to this band via their self-titled HBO series. I remember listening to the soundtrack as we drove home from Vegas a few years ago. Either way, they were funny and I enjoyed their homages to all genres of music; from 70s space rock ala David Bowie to boomin’ raaga beats for the dance floor.

After opening up their show with “The Humans are Dead,” Bret and Jermaine tangled with classic tunes like “Beautiful Girl” and “Too Many Dicks (on the Dance Floor).” They also hit up some new tunes as well.

My favorite part of the evening: an encore with “Business Time.” You know what it means when Jermaine’s down to his socks….it’s Business Time. Ah yeah.

Needing Puppy Love

Daisy is so stylin'!
I missed waking up with my Daisy this morning. I spent the night in Berkeley after working on a wine tasting event in Palo Alto.

Not only is she a wonderful source of warmth, she makes me feel special as we cuddle. It’s nice to wake-up in the middle of the night and feel her chin on my shin.

I wonder if she missed me. One thing that put a smile on my face – this adorable promo for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Fall Flavors 2009

Finally. December.

I’m trying to keep track of all the amazing food we sampled over the past few months. So far, I have tweeted several gourmet experiences. Now – I’ll try to sum up some of those dining adventures, beyond 140 characters.

We did a Thanksgiving Lunch at the Bistro in downtown Sonoma. I needed a relaxing afternoon after spending 10-plus hours in the newsroom. This Charcuterie plate had a lovely mix of foie gras, pork tartine and sausage. I loved spreading the rich foie on white bread.

Davis Dim Sum
We continue to head east for comfort food in Davis. I enjoy the handmade noodles from the Noodle House. I always order these dim sum plates as appetizers: pork BBQ buns and onion pancakes. These hearty flavors fill me up on a chilly autumn day or soothe my stomach after a night of drinking.

Chicken Fried Bacon
In Berkeley, we celebrated Scott’s birthday at T-Rex BBQ. I had to try the chicken-fried bacon. Crazy! A bit chewy and I managed to sample some hints of bacon goodness in this hor d’oeuvre.

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Game Day on Tightwad Hill

Viva la Game Day!
Cal’s ranked #6 in the nation. Plus – it has an undefeated record going into today’s match up against Oregon.

Go Bears!

For the first home game of the season, we decided to try out the free seats on Tightwad Hill. Inside Memorial Stadium – all you can get are overpriced food, soda and souvenirs. Plus – there’s no alcohol sales. Argh.

On the Hill, it’s BYOB and bring your own food. As long as it’s not raining, you have a decent view of the game and you’re sitting next to the cannon. I thought it was thrilling to sit next to the cannon’s explosion for every touchdown.

This Hill makes you work for these free seats. It’s a steep hike and I lost my footing every couple of steps. We’re also hauling up our drinks and snacks on this hike. So, it helps to be in shape before you tackle the Hill. However, free seats is enough motivation to spur on anybody: families, homeless people, students and alumni.
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Go Cal!

So, my hubby got free tickets to the Cal v. Colorado State game. I love visiting my alma mater and cheering for the Bears.

It was also interesting to check out the trees left behind from the last tree sitters v police standoff. Yes, Cal left some trees standing.

One Tree Left, originally uploaded by queenkv.

Back to the game.
42-7 California. It was a good game! Also, the Cal Marching Band rocked!

Cal Band Great! from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.
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Oh What A Circus

Oh What A Circus, originally uploaded by queenkv.

My hubby works next to a circus. Those oak trees are the site of a showdown between environmental activists, police and the powers that be at UC Berkeley. A judge is expected to decide on a lawsuit challenging Cal’s plan to get rid of the trees and build a new sports center. We’ll wait and see what happens.