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Travel Theme: Meeting Place

You can find tapas, seafood and special “coke” cans at this Barcelona meeting place.
#kvpspain : A delicious tourist trap in #barcelona. Yummy seafood, tapas and street vendors with sketchy $60/coke cans. #fb
Plaça Reial in the Barri Gòtic.

We used this Cusco landmark to guide taxi drivers and Americans.
Plaza de Mayor in Cusco, Peru.

I watched friends and family meet for food and conversation in this French Canadian market.
Marche Jean-Talon in Montreal.

My entry for this week’s Travel Theme: Meeting Place.

Travel Theme: Ripples

One of my favorite ways to beat the heat: standing next to Niagara Falls in Canada.

We’re back in California after our New York/Canada vacation. My jeans feel too tight after eating our way thru Buffalo, Toronto and Montreal. I need to download all our vacation photos from my iPhone.

I am so happy to have my Daisy back home.
Soon, I’ll need to switch from East Coast time to my graveyard shift.

This is my entry for this week’s Travel Theme: Ripples.

Bonjour Montreal

BUFFALO – One more bite of Buffalo wings at the Anchorbar inside Buffalo International. We’re flying back to California. I can’t wait to pick up Daisy.

I enjoyed our New York and Canada trip. We spent a couple of days eating our way thru Montreal.

  • We explored the Latin Quarter, Little Italy and Old Montreal.
  • We ate breakfast at Marche Jean-Talon. We did a picnic of oysters, samosas and cider next to the oyster counter at Boite Aux Huitres.
  • Breakfast at Montreal's Marche Jean-Talon

  • We took a boat tour of Old Montreal Port. Rocky waters on the St. Lawrence Seaway thrilled me.
  • We passed by closed boutiques and gay bars along Rue Sainte-Catherine.
  • I prayed a couple of Hail Marys at Basilica Norte-Dame.
  • We indulged in poutine in what some call “fast-food heaven” – La Banquise.

I wanted to stay in Montreal for another week. I loved it!

Let’s Go Buffalo!

WRIGHTS CORNER, NY – Tim Horton’s coffee and breakfast sandwich for breakfast. You may have seen the billboard for this iconic Canadian donut chain during NHL playoff games. My hubby and I couldn’t believe we spotted a Tim Horton’s ad along the railing at Staples Stadium during the King’s dismal series against Chicago.

The big question on our minds : What is wrong with LA?
The next big question: Where is the closest Tim Horton’s to Southern California?

Ohio, I think.
Beef on Weck

Timbits and peanut crunch donuts may be good reasons for a summer vacation in Buffalo, New York. We’re also here to see family, friends and eat way too much food.

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With glowing hearts we see thee rise…

The work week is over. Thank God. Now, I’m recovering from a stressful week in the newsroom by going over my vacation pictures.

I suspect I’ll need another break from work. Soon.

On our Buffalo trip, I gave my new passport a workout. This one has my married name on it. Sadly, the border guards didn’t feel like stamping it with a Canada stamp. In retrospect, I should have asked for one.

Bizarre Question at the Border: What do you do for a living?

I think I saw the border guard raise his eyebrows when I squeaked out: “News Producer.”

Wine Tasting in Canada
Hooray for our moms! Terri and Linda took the girls to the beach while we went on a day trip to Niagara-by-the-Lake with Kaine and Missy. Plus Mark rocked as our DD for our personal wine tasting tour.

I was tickled to add some tasty red wines from Jackson Triggs and Hillebrand wineries to our collection.

Crowded by the Falls
I also had to see Niagara Falls again. This tourist spot on the Canadian side has become a pilgrimage of sorts for my Buffalo vacations. The misty air feels refreshing on a hot day. The majestic views are free. I’m happy to join the lemmings who are snapping away at one of the 7 Wonders of the World. It’s still a thrilling sight for me. I’d love to take my parents here some day.

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