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Photo Friday: Delicious!

Candles, roses and animal cards decorated the dining table for our anniversary dinner.

I loved the buttery wine sauce rendered from Jacques Pepin‘s Crusty Chicken. The chicken skin does all the work. Just let the birds cook in the skillet, with the skin side down.

Mark made lamb sausage couscous.

He also made bread pudding.
Bread Pudding

It was all delicious. Daisy wanted some test nibbles.

This my entry for this week’s Photo Friday theme: Delicious!

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Christmastime in the city

I’ve spent the holidays in a dozen cities,from Los Angeles to New York. I still think one of the most beautiful places to enjoy Christmas is San Francisco.
christmas-eve (10)
On Christmas Eve, people packed into Union Square to see the tree, the Menorah and the ice rink.

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