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Driving North


ON INTERSTATE 5 – St. Vincent, This American Life and my iTune purchases are keeping our minds occupied on this road trip back home. I’m happy we had a chance to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family in So Cal.

During our trip, we had plenty of chances to hang out with other dogs in our family.

In a few hours, we’ll see Daisy’s stump of a tail wagging 100 mph. She’ll greet us with doggy kisses and snorkles. Then we’ll introduce her to her new house in Fremont. She maybe confused but I’m sure she’ll be happy to be sleeping in our bed again.

Couch on the Freeway

COVINA, CALIF — Watching the morning news. KTLA’s chopper had a cool shot of the Rose Bowl Stadium. It’s all decked out with the colors of the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks. According to the pilot, choppers are not allowed to fly over the Rose Bowl on Game Day. That’s a damn shame.

A few minutes later, he flew over Highway 134 and showed us a CHP officer dragging a red couch out of the middle of the road.


This is my idea of the perfect winter day: Sunny skies, 70 degrees and people playing on the beach.
Pier at Newport Beach
It’s my last day of my Christmas vacation in Southern California. The other day, I ran 4 miles by Newport Beach. My waistline needs all the help it can get after all the holiday eating.
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Beer Fest!

COVINA, CALIF – It’s 60 Degrees and Sunny in Covina. We’re spending Mother’s Day with my family in Southern California.

So, Happy Mom’s Day! Yah!

This weekend trip home gave me a break from all the stress at work. We’re in the middle of Sweeps and it’s been intense inside the newsroom. I’m so grateful that my hubby does most of the driving on the road trip down the 5.

Yesterday, I ran about 3 miles by the beach in Newport Beach. It felt good to shake off the bad vibes from the bad shows. Then we did a light breakfast of grilled cheese and water on the pier. It always feels good to be home.

Beer also helps me feel good. Here are some pictures from the Boonville Beer Festival last weekend. It was rainy outside. That didn’t stop anybody from having a boozy good time in Mendocino County. We sampled pints from so many breweries. Among the beer-guzzling throng, we raised our glasses and cheered for any random holler.

We enjoyed the Bitch Creek ESP and the Waikiki Beach Wheat. I also liked the pints from Rubicon, Blue Frog and Pizza Port. Pizza Port served up an intriguing Chocolate & Vanilla-flavored Port.

So, Viva la Beer Fest!

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Cut a Hole in the Turkey

COVINA, CALIF — Home for the Holidays! I’m still waking up at 3 AM because my body’s still on overnight mode. It still feels so good to be back in home in So Cal with my family.

Thanksgiving 2004 in London
[Thanksgiving dinner in London 2004, with my Medill buddy Andrea, my mother-in-law Terri, and Mark’s cousin, Eileen]

My hubby and I always manage to celebrate this American holiday – whether we’re living in London or Topeka. When I accepted my first job in TV news, I knew I had to work on holidays that fell inside a sweeps period. When I found out Thanksgiving fell outside of the November sweeps period, I jumped at the chance to apply for vacation ’round that time.


So, enjoy this funny Justin Timberlake skit on SNL’s Weekend Edition. It’s all about what he’d do if he hosted the show’s Thanksgiving Edition.

Happy Turkey Day!