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100 Happy Days: Mornings

My mornings start with this cutie. Daisy likes to sleep in.
She tries to get me to spend more time in bed.
Puppy cuddles are a great way to start my day.

After my workout, I had leftover ramen for lunch.
I added shiitake and pink oyster mushrooms to this roasted pork ramen from the Chubby Noodle pop-up inside Amante.
I also added Sriracha.
I garnished the broth and noodles with chopped green onions.


Day 67 of 100 Happy Days.

Where Pets Do What Pets Love

Daisy spent the weekend at Pet Camp in San Francisco.

“Thank you for calling Pet Camp, where pets do what pets love,” said one of the camp workers when I booked her stay over the phone. I love that line.

I also love all the Daisy photos posted on their camper cameo site.

(From Pet Camp)

(From Pet Camp)
I’m tickled that she’s playing with other dogs. It looks like she had a blast!