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Wrangling Puppies

She’s too unruly to compete for “Best-in-Show.”
She’s too much of a lap dog to race after a dog agility title.
And she’s way too pretty for “The World’s Ugliest Dog” contest in Petaluma.
#kvpweekend : Sleeping in with my baby.
However, she’s perfect for cuddling.

Daisy is also my walking buddy. I tweaked my ankle during a long run. Now, I’m trying to nurse it back to health with an ankle brace. That means less runs and more walks around the lake with the dog. She loves it.

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Photo Friday: Crimson

Feels like summer in Fremont. 83 Degrees.

Our rose garden is thriving the East Bay.
Photo Friday : Crimson
This is my entry for today’s Photo Friday challenge: Crimson.

These yellow buds have hints of crimson.
Nosy dog in rose bushes
And in the background, my curious Daisy, sniffing out the blossoms and picking up thorns.

Squishy Face, Bony Elbows

A disturbing buzz drowns out the Sigur Ros channel on Pandora.

My hubby closes the dog door. I pour another cup of coffee and turn up the volume on moody guitar strings and Icelandic vocals.

My Saturday morning habits do not fool Daisy. She jumps up on the couch with enough force to push it against the window. She pokes her head out the blinds, bending back flimsy plastic strips. She spots the gardeners invading her home. She barks off an alarm to her pack.
A face only a mother could love?
I drag her back to the couch for more cuddles. She calms down with her dirty, chewed-up Binky. Daisy nibbled off the blue furry day a few weeks ago. Mark says we have a couple of new Binkys, on stand-by in the garage.
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Living for my weekends

La vie en rose? I kept it simple for Happy Hour on my Friday. Other people called it Wednesday or “Hump Day.” I called it the start of my weekend.

Yesterday, I enjoyed French red wine, a salmon sandwich and a good book at Cafe du Soleil in San Francisco.
Cafe du Soleil
I watched dogs walk their humans or chase after them on their bicycles. I saw a dad teaching his kids how to ride bikes by the intersection. Another guy blew-up at a couple down the street. Heads swiveled from cafe patrons and pedestrians when his cursing got louder.

This wine bar in the Haight reminded me of my favorite French bistro in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Chicken pate and a French Merlot

Les Amis De Jean-Jacques near Bolshoy pr reminded me of other bistros in Paris.
By Andrea James
[By Andrea James]

Even though it felt like the first day of winter in San Francisco, I wanted to enjoy my wine outside and read Gopnik’s “Paris to the Moon.” I just wrapped up my 8-day work week and I think I’m getting over my cold.

Time to celebrate the weekend.
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Cone of Shame

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Daisy.
Poor Daisy
The vet couldn’t figure out why she kept gnawing on her rear right paw. After shaving back the fur, she couldn’t find evidence of foxtails or thorns. But she saw the skin was really red. So – Daisy had her paw bandaged up for more than a week. We kept her on a steady diet of antibiotics. We wrapped wheat bread slices around her pills.

Today, the vet gave us the green light to remove the bandage. Her paw looks better and Daisy wanted to welcome it back with more chewing. So, she had to wear the cone of shame this morning.

Driving North


ON INTERSTATE 5 – St. Vincent, This American Life and my iTune purchases are keeping our minds occupied on this road trip back home. I’m happy we had a chance to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family in So Cal.

During our trip, we had plenty of chances to hang out with other dogs in our family.

In a few hours, we’ll see Daisy’s stump of a tail wagging 100 mph. She’ll greet us with doggy kisses and snorkles. Then we’ll introduce her to her new house in Fremont. She maybe confused but I’m sure she’ll be happy to be sleeping in our bed again.


Less than an hour after my hubby left for his job in Palo Alto, I found my Daisy in this position.
It’s her favorite spot in the living room when he’s not home. She looks up at me to ask if I feel it: the extra hole in our family, her pack.
Mark said he found Daisy waiting for me in this position when I was in St. Petersburg. I suppose she’s only happy when we’re both at home and her pack is united again.

As pack members, there are certain things everyone agree to:

  • Humans feed the puppy.
  • Puppy loves humans unconditionally
  • Humans shelter the puppy
  • Puppy protects the pack
  • Humans love puppy
  • Oh right, humans, don’t forget to feed the puppy

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Just Kidding

I got tapped to work an early morning shift on April Fool’s Day. So, I didn’t have the energy to pull off a decent prank.

This year, I kept it simple.

Dreamy Puppy

Before bedtime, I burrowed under the covers and called for my Daisy. I made sure I didn’t have any limbs or toes sticking out under the blankets.

“Where’s Mommy?!?! Mommy disappeared!”

The dog kept sniffing until she burrowed under the covers next to me.

When she pushed her muzzle into my face, I said: “April Fools!”