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Travel Theme: Dogs

It’s a dog’s world.
When she's smiling.... The whole world smiles with pooch. Daisy's first walk along Batiquitos Lagoon Trail. #dogstagram. Thanks @a_la_mode for the snapping this lovely photo!
Labor Day walk with Daisy at Batiquitos Lagoon.

I melted when my hubby texted me this photo of our dog last week.
Missed my baby girl. #reunitedatlast #dogstagram
I couldn’t wait to see her after her retreat/spa vacation in La Jolla.

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Travel Theme: Graceful

Puppy love is so graceful.

New friends at the Paws For Pink 5K at San Diego’s Liberty Station.
#kvpweekend Run puppy run! #PawsFurPink 5K at Liberty Station in #SanDiego. My first 5K race! 😊🐶🐾
It was our first 5K and we had a blast.
Good times! Canine chaos at the starting line. #PawsFurPink
It was a lovely way to celebrate our move to San Diego last month.

My entry for this week’s Travel Theme: Graceful.

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Beach Walk

I saw Mark for about 15-20 minutes a day on my graveyard shifts. So, it felt like a blessing to be able to enjoy a long walk/hike/climb around Fort Funston on my weekend.

Fort Funston Beach Walk
We watched packs of dogs run into the ocean. Some of them nudged our legs and wagged “hello.” We snapped photos of waves crashing and rock formations. We spotted a crab beaching itself on the shore.

We walked into an old army bunker covered in graffiti.

My legs burned when we had to climb up the steep hill from the beach. We poked around the spot where hang gliders jump off.

We held hands.

It’s a good life.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

What does a dog need to do to get refill in this place?
Inside Delirium in San Francisco.

My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit.


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Living for my weekends

La vie en rose? I kept it simple for Happy Hour on my Friday. Other people called it Wednesday or “Hump Day.” I called it the start of my weekend.

Yesterday, I enjoyed French red wine, a salmon sandwich and a good book at Cafe du Soleil in San Francisco.
Cafe du Soleil
I watched dogs walk their humans or chase after them on their bicycles. I saw a dad teaching his kids how to ride bikes by the intersection. Another guy blew-up at a couple down the street. Heads swiveled from cafe patrons and pedestrians when his cursing got louder.

This wine bar in the Haight reminded me of my favorite French bistro in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Chicken pate and a French Merlot

Les Amis De Jean-Jacques near Bolshoy pr reminded me of other bistros in Paris.
By Andrea James
[By Andrea James]

Even though it felt like the first day of winter in San Francisco, I wanted to enjoy my wine outside and read Gopnik’s “Paris to the Moon.” I just wrapped up my 8-day work week and I think I’m getting over my cold.

Time to celebrate the weekend.

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Furry Faces

Last week, we saw triple-digit temperatures. In order to cool off, I took Daisy to the beaches at Half Moon Bay.
Daisy by the Pacific
This is the first time she has ever been on a beach and she looked so mellow. I asked her if this is better than her life in Kansas.

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Cone of Shame

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Daisy.
Poor Daisy
The vet couldn’t figure out why she kept gnawing on her rear right paw. After shaving back the fur, she couldn’t find evidence of foxtails or thorns. But she saw the skin was really red. So – Daisy had her paw bandaged up for more than a week. We kept her on a steady diet of antibiotics. We wrapped wheat bread slices around her pills.

Today, the vet gave us the green light to remove the bandage. Her paw looks better and Daisy wanted to welcome it back with more chewing. So, she had to wear the cone of shame this morning.

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Good Dog!

Grazing on samples of kettle corn and bacon onion dip.
Sipping pints of Shock Top.
Watching people tee-off into Webber Point.

This weekend, we made it back to Stockton for the “Best Food Fest in the West”: the Stockton Asparagus Festival. This year, I finally saw one of the star attractions: Tyson, the skateboarding bulldog.

Tyson, the skateboarding bulldog
Before this weekend, the only time I saw Tyson ride was from the control room as I counted down my live crews to their next hit.

It rocked to be out of the newsroom. I loved being able to cop a squat and watch Tyson wow the crowd with his boarding skills.

Tyson, the skateboarding bull dog from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

Now, I wonder if I could get Daisy on a skateboard….

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Precious Pups

Oh my gosh!!! Cute puppy web cam!!!!
And turn up your computer speakers ’cause there’s cute puppy noises!!!
Cute Cute Cute!!!!

Now Daisy wants to know, are these precious puppies cuter than her? Are they?
No Leftovers
Of course not!

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