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Elvis at John Wayne

Elvis enjoyed meeting strangers inside John Wayne Airport. His owner says he liked the attention.
Elvis and John Wayne

He liked it a lot.
Elvis and John Wayne
Elvis made us laugh when we wanted to cry. Without meaning to, he added levity to a somber occasion. He also reduced TSA agents to baby talk.

TSA agent: “Who has the shaky-shaky?!?!”
Elvis: (Shaky-shaky his hips)
TSA agent: “Who has the shaky-shaky?!?!”
Elvis: (Shaky-shaky his hips, jingles collar.)
That went on for about five minutes.

He offered unconditional comfort and support with every wag of his furry tail.

Inside John Wayne Airport
We said good-bye to my brother this weekend. He’s back on a mission that will make the world a better place.

Then he’ll come home. We’ll be here, with tails wagging.

Family Ties

It was such a pleasure to see my family at Jennie and Scott’s wedding. During my Kansas years, I managed to schedule a weekend away from Topeka for this lovely event in La Jolla.

Together again

My broadcast news professors at Medill warned us that we will work on holidays and miss a lot of family events.
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Terminal 4


ONTARIO – About to board our flight to San Jose. My hubby treated us to a weekend with family and friends in So Cal. We celebrated my cousin’s birthday. We watched two different dogs sniff butts and protect their humans. We ate too much good food. We witnessed a basketball favorite fall to a Cinderella story from Virginia. Oh yeah. I also updated news and my social media networks for my job.

Overall – I think we had a good time.

Up in the Air

My parents have been doing a lot of traveling in the last few months.

In November, they won a cruise vacation. It sounded like a relaxing way to explore the western coast of Mexico. My dad brought back several bottles of tequila and snapped some beautiful pictures at sea. Together – they had plenty of good food, bright sunshine and warm memories.
Relaxing at Sea

Now – they’re somewhere over the Pacific. This journey has brought together my mom’s side of the family.

On Board
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On the Niagara Wine Trail

My first week back in the newsroom felt like culture shock. At 2 AM, I discovered our station was at the heart of two major news stories – Jaycee Dugard and the Auburn Wildfires. I did my best to get up to speed. And as one producer likes to tell me: “Write your ass off.”

So, I think I’m caught up with work and all the death and destruction in the world. I’m also adjusting to my new role as the keeper of the calendar. In addition to producing our morning show, I’m now booking guest segments. Chefs, authors, movie stars, snakes and more. Bring them on, I’ll put them on TV. Just check with me on when and where.

I finally had some time to reflect on our two-week trip to Buffalo, NY. I also carved out some time to go over our vacation pictures.

I never had a two-week vacation. I thought it was time well spent. We caught up with our family – swapping stories about life on the West Coast and life in Western NY.

Oh yes, and the rain sucked. So we took advantage of the sunny days with day trips to Niagara Falls and along the Niagara Wine Trail.
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Au Revoir Janvier

End of the month.
January went by fast. I could barely hang on to her coattails.

Posing in My Threadless Tee.

I spent the month getting used to my new show and my new schedule. I also enjoyed my new weekends with my hubby and friends. This is a shot over Donner Lake, just off I-80. A few weekends ago, we spent a lovely Saturday in Truckee with my Medill buddy Sara.

Thank heavens for weekends because January was a hard month.
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Just in Time

This weekend, the hubby and I thought about what we’d like to make for our Christmas meal. We also tried to figure out how Daisy could help…beyond cleaning up the food scraps on the floor. Tricky puppy!

Maybe I’ll try my hand at making lumpia. How hard can it be?

I wish I could spend this holiday with our families in Buffalo (it’s cold there) and in LA (it’s kind wet down there). However, somebody has to produce the 4:30 AM show on Christmas morning. I’m sure somebody will be up and watching, right?

Maybe we can go home for Christmas, next year. Besides, I managed to get time off for Thanksgiving. I’m happy for that blessing.

So for people who can’t go home for the holidays, there’s always the Balikbayan Box. My buddy on Facebook sent me this Happy Slip video. When I was younger, I remember my parents packing these big boxes with groceries, clothing and toys and sending them off with a family member flying back to Manila.

In this big box for Christmas
my family sent to me
Leftover soy sauce packets
Quaker oatmeal
Lots of chips
Dont forget sardines
And toys from happy meals