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Photo Sunday: Blooming

Blooming beauties on display at the San Diego County Fair.

Roses are red.

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Photo Friday: Mobile Phone Photo

Beautiful sunflowers dazzled me in San Francisco’s Marina District.

I used my iPhone 4 to snap these photos.
Marina Green Sunflower

I had visions of wandering thru sunflower fields when I lived in Kansas. I didn’t find any until I was about to move back to California.
Sunflowers in San Francisco

My entry for this week’s Photo Friday challenge: Mobile Phone Photo.

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One Dog Left Behind

Poor puppy!
Left Behind
I wonder if anybody noticed this little guy missing after visiting the Arboretum at U.C. Davis. I imagine his human buddy discovered his disappearance as soon as his parents buckled his seat belt for the ride home.

We wanted to visit the Arboretum after watching some of Huell Howser’s Road Trip on PBS. After I finished griping about Howser’s atrocious mic skills (seriously – it drove my nuts to hear such shoddy audio work on a supposedly professional program), we were delighted by the lush vegetation in this campus oasis.

We had to see it for ourselves.

On one of the last weekends of winter, we checked out the Arboretum. It was balmy afternoon and I snapped away at signs of Spring. Bright blossoms opened up their petals next to other sleeping plants. Students and families took advantage of the warm weather for picnics and outdoor study sessions.

I can’t wait to come back when everything is blooming 🙂

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