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Geocache Adventures in Pasadena

I always thought of Pasadena as part of my teenage stomping grounds. There was so much to do without a fake ID.

Sipping coffee in Old Town. Goofing around on the diagonal crosswalks. Watching sneak previews.

As an adult (who is still carded at Old Town bars), I discovered more of the city’s nooks and crannies thanks to my geocache adventures.
Blast from the past. Memorial arch from #Pasadena 's first public library. Damaged by 1933 Long Beach #Earthquake
One cache led me to the Memorial Arch of Pasadena’s first free public library.

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Travel Theme: Spooky

I’m not feeling the Halloween spirit this year. Sadly, this costumed holiday falls on a work day. I don’t have the energy to deal with trick-or-treaters and party people when I have to be at work before sunrise.

Maybe next year. For now, I stumbled on vacation photos that would fit this week’s Travel Theme: Spooky.
That’s a shadow from at staircase inside Palau Güell, one of Guadi’s palaces in Barcelona.

Our American cow trackable meets a bat at this geocache site in Parc de Monterols.
#kvpspain : Making friends in #barcelona ! #geocache adventure with cow trackable
We gave Hugo, the bat, a free trip to California. We’re trying to find him a bat cave geocache for his new home.


Our geocache adventures continue to lead us off the main path.

It’s always a pleasure to stumble on roads, parks and quirky tourist traps as we follow the clues to the cache.

We grabbed these caches near Stinson Beach.


We spotted another cache near my office.


On all my logs: “Thanks for the cache!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

I gave up on my Droid X. I was fed up with the freezing and corrupted photo/videos. Also, phone rebooting without warning – not cool.

I dived back into geocaching when I switched to the iPhone. I missed the hunt. The mind puzzles tickled me.
Quarry Park Geocache
I believe the best part about geocaching: exploring places that were off my radar. We spotted this cache at Quarry Park in Half Moon Bay.

Pretty Geocache!

This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands.

Worlds Collide

Colleague: “You should join me for the Off the Grid food truck event by Fort Mason.”
Another Colleague: “I’d love to see you at our karaoke party in JapanTown.”
Evite: “Host wanted to remind you about (insert friend’s name) birthday coming up.”

I hit the “unavailable” button on the Evite page.
My response: “I wish I could but I can’t.”
My reason: I’ll be sleeping at that time because I need to be back in the newsroom by midnight.

I live in a separate time stream from my friends, family and co-workers. Most people think Friday night is the perfect night to hang out, discover new food spots and catch-up.
It’s just another work day for me.
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