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100 Happy Days: Paws

Hungry paws left prints behind at our campsite. Suzanne and I thought our food would be safe on the picnic table.

We were wrong.

But first, I loved waking up under the tent’s “skylight.”

A 9-year-old sleeping bag kept us warm overnight.

It looks like raccoons visited us overnight.

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100 Happy Days: Camping

I missed camping. I was so happy that Suzanne invited me to tag along on her camping adventure in Half Moon Bay.

It was lovely to find a campground that’s only 30 minutes away from my house.

I also loved pitching our tent next to the beach.

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100 Happy Days: Beer by the Pacific

Wrapping up my weekend with beer and lunch at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company.

Half Moon Bay Brewing Co

My comfort food: Tuna melt with clam chowder.

Lovely view of the bay.

Day 57 of 100 Happy Days.

100 Happy Days: May Babies

Good food, drinks and friends on Memorial Day. Also celebrating May birthdays!

Mimosa at Moss Beach Distillery.

Mimosa @ Moss Beach Distillery


Truffle fries with a view at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company.



Dinner at Suppenküche. I love the pretzels here.
#kvpinmybelly May babies and beer! I love pretzels at @suppenkuche! Also love that cheese spread. #foodspotting #beer

Beer Boot!
Beer Boot at Suppenküche

Day 22 of 100 Happy Days.

Travel Theme: Close-up

Army of one.
This is on Gray Whale Beach near Half Moon Bay.

We found this little guy all buy himself. We played with him.
Then we went home.

My entry for this week’s Travel Theme: Close-up.

100 Happy Days: Beach Walk

New challenge: Finding a reason to smile every day.
Then take a picture of it.

Daisy at the beach
Our beach walk with Daisy at Montara State Beach. Also enjoyed a lovely picnic with sandwiches from Gherkin’s Sandwich Shop.

Gray skies are gonna clear up,
Put on a happy face;
Brush off the clouds and cheer up,
Put on a happy face.

“Put On a Happy Face” by Charles Strouse and Lee Adams

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Travel Theme: Clean

Enjoying flowers and coffee inside an English garden at Seal Cove Inn.

I love the dewdrops shimmering on these blossoms.


Last year’s Half Moon Bay getaway on Memorial Day.

My entry for this week’s Travel Theme: Clean.

Photo Friday: Autumn 2013

I saw the beginning of Autumn in Buffalo, New York.
Autumn leaves start to fall in #Buffalo.

Trees blushed red, orange and gold inside Delaware Park.
The Beginning of Autumn
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By the Sea

It feels like Fall. Warmer weather tempts us by the beach. The sun kisses my puppy’s nose.

We did lunch at Moss Beach Distillery in Half Moon Bay. We avoided the pumpkin-crazed mobs by going on a weekday. I understand Highway 92 is a traffic nightmare around this time of year.

Missing Half Moon Bay

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Travel Theme: Simplicity

Half Moon Bay is one of my favorite weekend getaway destinations.

For the Memorial holiday, I enjoyed my coffee while walking thru the garden at Seal Cove Inn.

Seal Cove Inn
I thought these delicate dew drops worked out nicely for this week’s Travel Theme: Simplicity.