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Decorating palm trees

COVINA – Sipping coffee and watching an otter attack a teen in Florida. The teen keeps his camera rolling as the otter transforms from playful creature to vicious monster. That video goes viral on YouTube.

The teen may have a future in TV news.

We skipped the Black Friday mall mayhem/madness in favor of the best holiday deal. Andrei invited us to Riverside to check out the Festival of Lights .
Festival of Lights
Last night – I was dazzled by all the lights at the Mission Inn and in downtown Riverside. Palm trees twinkled in a rainbow of lights. Christmas carols piped out of the festive buildings. Animated bears and choir members swayed on the balconies. Nutrcrakers guarded the Mission Inn walls.

Admission price: Free

Facebook peeps – check out more Festival of Lights photos on my blog.

Making Egg Nog

I love egg nog.
I was thrilled when my hubby wanted to drink this holiday cocktail as we decorated our Christmas Tree.

Christmas Cocktails

We mixed up Jim Bean, Captain Morgan’s Spicy Rum, Lucerne Egg Nog and Lucerne Dulce de Leche Egg Nog. I liked to count to 6 on my pours of the Jim Bean and the Captain. The hubby likes to measure out his shots with a shot glass. To each one’s own. Then we added whipped cream and nutmeg on top of the cocktail. It taste rich and sweet. It’s the perfect drink for the season.

Making Egg Nog from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

And yes, I know that gray hoodie makes me look like a bum. I just got off work and I was thinking about my on-camera apperance. Grrr.