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Photo Sunday: Nature

Good Morning Nature!

Sunrise at Key’s View inside Joshua Tree National Park.
Good Morning #JoshuaTree! Stunning desert sunrise from my weekend. Gorgeous colors, bone-chilling wind. Had to do jumping jacks, high knees to stay warm! #lategram

My entry for this week’s Photo Sunday theme: Nature.

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Home Sweet Hicksville

Home Sweet Hicksville.

My skating friend introduced me to the camping trailer lifestyle on our Las Vegas trip. Her family packed 9 people into their trailer. They parked it at Circus Circus. I shared the top bunk with her. We stayed up all night, playing carnival games and eating junk food in the Midway.

I won a teddy bear dressed as a bride. I sold it to a mother who couldn’t win a game.

We visited Joshua Tree on our weekend. We stayed at the Hicksville Trailer Palace.

I had a blast.

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