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Next Generation

ST. PETERSBURG — As a news producer, I’ve always ended up working on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It starts like an ordinary day. Then I spend hours examining videos of memorials, flags, flowers and weeping families. I end up using “Taps” as some natural sound for headlines or for teases in my news shows.

By the end of the day, I am emotionally wiped out. That day changed everybody’s lives including me. The United States was vulnerable and my country sent my brother to Iraq.

He came back. Other military members didn’t.

This year in St. Petersburg, I had a lecture scheduled for the 9th anniversary of the attacks. I didn’t know what to expect from the students, the city and my temporary home away from home.

I didn’t expect to have a renewed sense of hope in the next generation of Russian journalists.
Kazan Cathedral
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I Wanna Be Like Walt

Sad news about the death of the “Most Trusted Man in America.” My hubby said Walter Cronkite passed away while I was sleeping.


He lived an amazing life. His career highlights include Apollo 11, JFK’s assassination and the Vietnam War. He demanded excellence and integrity in the newsroom. I remember reading his scripts in J-School: succinct, sharp and no BS. I think he will continue to be an inspiration to all journalists.

RIP Walter Cronkite
[Image from NASA Remembers Walter Cronkite Slideshow]

CBS journalist Walter Cronkite gets a taste for moonwalking at the reduced gravity simulator at NASA’s Langley Research Center in August, 1968. – From NASA

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What Would Murrow Say?

That’s something one of my co-workers would ask as he’s writing for his show and working out his lead story for the top of his A Block (the first segment of his newscast).

Sometimes we’d wonder what one of the greatest journalists in American history would say about some of the things that end up in our newscasts. I’ve covered plenty of breaking news. It comes with the territory. Then there’s the feature segments that make it into our morning and midday shows: gourd art, humping cows (sorry Mom! I didn’t know you were watching that!), holiday fashion gifts and the results of an AP/Yahoo poll that shows who pet owners want as the next President of the United States.

Now for your online viewing pleasure: behind the scenes moments on the desk. Thanks to the magic of YouTube and other video sites, viewers get to see what news anchors do during commercial breaks:

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