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100 Happy Days: Puppy Posing

Puppy posing so low to the ground!
Daisy waited for me as I took off my workout shoes.

I also like the sunlight in this shot. Such a pretty puppy!
Blonde in the morning light. Waking up with Daisy. #dogstagram #nofilter #doglove

Day 94 of 100 Happy Days.

100 Happy Days: Filipino Food

Filipino food reminds me of family. I loved it when Cate suggested Boracay Garden for lunch.

We ordered too much food. Also – I was impressed by these lunchtime portions.

Lechon Kawali – so meaty! Also liked the crispy pork skin.

Sinigang – so savory and sour!

Kare-Kare – so nutty!

Since Cate had the day off, we did cocktails and dessert at BJs.

Salted Caramel Pizookie.

Day 93 of 100 Happy Days.

100 Happy Days: Kale Pesto

Kale Pesto Pasta surprised me at the Portola Kitchen.

I love my weekly lunch dates with my hubby.
Today, I kept nibbling at his plate of Lumache.

Day 89 of 100 Happy Days.

100 Happy Days: Bone Marrow

Succulent bone marrow delight in San Francisco.

This is a tasty small plate at Beast and the Hare. It’s served with grilled toast. It’s melt-in-your-mouth good.

Day 83 of 100 Happy Days.

100 Happy Days: Drakes Bay

Hello Drakes Bay.

Introducing friends to this amazing oyster farm. Also, saying good-bye. I am quite sad that Drakes Bay Oyster Company will close at the end of this month.

We enjoyed showing Suzanne and Ryan all we knew about shucking oysters. It’s not much. I hope it helped.

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100 Happy Days: Baby

Playing around with my baby.

Also, cow riding Daisy. Mellow good times in Daly City, before heading to work.

Day 63 of 100 Happy Days.

100 Happy Days: Dad

We had so much fun at our wedding.

I loved my dad’s energy and spirit. It was one of the happiest days of my life.
A shot from the stairs

My family...from everywhere
Day 42 of 100 Happy Days.

100 Happy Days: Soon

Daisy is looking for her passport.

I’m ready for my next adventure.

Day 41 of 100 Happy Days.

100 Happy Days: Color

Outside St. Cecilia.

A field of golden poppies in Palo Alto.

Mural art.

Day 40 of 100 Happy Days.

100 Happy Days: Salsiccie e Fagioli

The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in our house. I love the smell of meat and vegetables simmering on the stove.

David Rocco’s Dolce Vita helps me soothe my travel bug blues. His life and family in Florence look fabulous. Today, I made Salsiccie e Fagioli from his Spring Break episode.

I enjoy cooking with Sinatra crooning on my iPad.


Playing on Pandora Radio: “The Way You Look Tonight.”
That made me think of the last time I danced to that song with Mark. It was the last dance at a wedding reception at Mark Hopkins in San Francisco.

“…wrinkle your nose..”
I suppose we also like this song because of it’s connection to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I always think of it as Kira and Odo’s song.

Day 38 of 100 Happy Days.