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Travel Theme: Rivers

I loved walking by the Neva River in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Neva River

I liked watching my husband punting on the River Cam in Cambridge, England.
Punting on the River Cam

I spotted a duck family swimming along the swollen Arkansas River in Wichita, Kansas.
Ducks on the Arkansas River

I enjoyed watching the sunset and sipping cocktails by the American River in Sacramento.
Checking out the dining scene along the American River in Sacramento

This is my entry for this week’s Travel Theme: Rivers.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

A blessing for travelers.
Blessing for travelers
On our day trip to Mexico, I spotted this 75-foot statue of Jesus off the highway leading to Ensenada.

The calm before a fight.
Inside the bull ring at Museu Tauri in Barcelona.

Butterflies before my first lecture.
Setting up for my lecture
A studio inside St. Petersburg State University.

My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold.

Travel theme: Statues

My mind is wandering. I am ready for another travel adventure. Anywhere but here. Some place sunny.

St. Petersburg was quite lovely in September. My Russian colleagues thought I needed a heavier coat when it rained. The wet weather balanced out with the balmy last days of summer, melting into autumn.

A hallway of statues inside the Hermitage.

I also enjoyed summer in Montreal.
The cobblestone streets of Old Montreal reminded me of Paris.

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Do svidaniya!

ST. PETERSBURG – I took a boat tour on my last full day in St. Petersburg. Before boarding, I bought a huge bottle of beer for the ride. I’ve seen so many people do that and I wanted to follow local tradition.

“Beer!” said one man snacking with his family. Then he held up a bag “Fish!”

He insisted I join their boat picnic with dried fish and my beer. It was good and it kept me warm on the choppy waters. Later, we tossed bread at the ducks and seagulls circling our vessel.

“Box! Box!” he told me, indicating he liked watching the birds duke it out for handouts.

Last Day in St. Petersburg

This city has been good to me. I’m grateful to the students, faculty and staff members who have made my trip unforgettable. In about 4 hours, I’ll board a plane and fly home. Soon, St. Petesburg will feel like a dream. As I walked around the beautiful cathedrals, art and canals, it felt like I stepped into a fairytale.

However, the history and people are real. I’m happy to be apart of the reality that is St. Petersburg.

Next Generation

ST. PETERSBURG — As a news producer, I’ve always ended up working on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It starts like an ordinary day. Then I spend hours examining videos of memorials, flags, flowers and weeping families. I end up using “Taps” as some natural sound for headlines or for teases in my news shows.

By the end of the day, I am emotionally wiped out. That day changed everybody’s lives including me. The United States was vulnerable and my country sent my brother to Iraq.

He came back. Other military members didn’t.

This year in St. Petersburg, I had a lecture scheduled for the 9th anniversary of the attacks. I didn’t know what to expect from the students, the city and my temporary home away from home.

I didn’t expect to have a renewed sense of hope in the next generation of Russian journalists.
Kazan Cathedral
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