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Stay Daisy Stay

Lake Elizabeth has plenty of beautiful spots for photos. I spotted a field of daisies and thought of my dog. It should have been a quick shot with Daisy and the flowers.
But this is my dog. It was a bit of an ordeal.

First – I needed her to face the camera. Mark held on to her leash while I snapped away at our four-legged model.
Distracted Puppy
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Swimming Along

Lake Elizabeth is a beautiful spot for a morning run in Fremont.
Birds on Lake Elizabeth
I enjoy watching the duck moms and their chicks swimming on the lake. I remember how small and dainty the babies looked when the hit the water in the Spring. I like to imagine that I’m watching them grow-up during the Summer months.

[Facebook peeps – you can see video of the ducklings on my blog link!]