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A little bit of everything

Over the last few weeks, my schedule in the newsroom was a roller coaster ride of responsibilities.

Last weekend, I tracked grass fires and fireworks for the evening news shows. During the week, I produced slideshows and logged a news conference on a scary house explosion for the website. I suppose it all adds up to a typical week for the gal who produces shows and web content.

When I survive the work week, I hit the road in search of new flavors and comfort food. Thank God for my hubby and friends who enjoy eating and drinking.
Take Out Art
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Wine Tasting in Hot Weather

When you go to Zinfest in Lodi, drink water.
Lot’s of it. People say it’s always hot at Zinfest. This year was no exception.

USB Zin Port

Imagine tasting some amazing Zins in triple digit temperatures. It’s possible – but you need plenty of water to balance the alcohol. I also enjoyed the opportunity to do some barrel tasting. In this picture, we’re pouring a Peltier Station USB Zin Port. Delightful! Fruity, sweet and I can only imagine how good it will tasted after a few more months in the barrel.
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Gourmet Flavors on Valentine’s Day

We did the Wine and Chocolate Festival last month in Lodi. This is becoming a tasty Valentine’s Day tradition!

Wine and Art
We stumbled on some new wines, art and of course, yummy bites of food. At the Vino Piazza, the wine server let me go behind the wine bar to get a closer look at these sketches from Dumbo. He said the animator was a big fan of Lodi wines.

This is a look at the drive into Lodi’s Wine Country on Highway 12.

Valentine’s Day in Wine Country from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

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