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Photo Sunday: Profile

Pony profile walking by our table on Playas de Rosarito.

Equestrian adventures cater to tourists, young and old, in Baja California.
Entrepreneurs aggressively stalked new visitors, hawking hoodies, jewelry and fresh coconut juice.
At our beach club: Two-for-one cocktails, ceviche and tacos. A Salsa-version of 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ (It’s Your Birthday) blasted away on the speakers.

My entry for this week’s Photo Sunday: Profile.

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Photo Friday: Distant

Napa seems like a distant memory.
I turned 37 in Baja California.
My hubby and I celebrated with a wine tasting tour of Valle de Guadalupe.
I loved the wine here.

I think we could have spent all day at Vinisterra. The tasting room operator kept opening bottles. Another family enjoyed a cheese plate. We toured the vineyard and chilled out on the patio, lounging in arm chairs made from wine barrels.

My souvenir: Vinisterra Macouzet – 2008 Tempranillo.

This is my entry for Photo Friday: Distant.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

A blessing for travelers.
Blessing for travelers
On our day trip to Mexico, I spotted this 75-foot statue of Jesus off the highway leading to Ensenada.

The calm before a fight.
Inside the bull ring at Museu Tauri in Barcelona.

Butterflies before my first lecture.
Setting up for my lecture
A studio inside St. Petersburg State University.

My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold.

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Travel theme: Work

Roasting chicken at Los Caracoles in Barcelona, Spain.

Selling fish at the Mercado de Pesce in Ensenada, Mexico.

Making a movie near the Kronverk Hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia.

My entry for today’s Travel Theme: Work.

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Travel Theme: Hot

My reading hammock in Ixtapa, Mexico. 100-degree weather kept us in shorts for our honeymoon, back in 2005.
My reading lounge

Breakfast at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. At the pool, we found some relief from the desert heat. I remember temperatures hitting 100 degrees before 10 AM.
Bloody Mary

I thought both photos would be nice for this week’s Travel Theme: Hot.

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Day’s End

August 2004: Sunset in Ixtapa
First sunset in Ixtapa
My entry for today’s Photo Friday challenge: “Day’s End.”

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Photo Friday: Sundown

From our honeymoon in Mexico: First sunset in Ixtapa.
First sunset in Ixtapa
For today’s Photo Friday Challenge: Sundown.

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Today’s Photo Friday Challenge: Minimalist.


I snapped this photo last year in Ensenada, Mexico.

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Photo Friday: Aqua

I think I need another vacation…
Enjoying the beach view for lunch
Still dreaming about seafood, surf and sun in Ensenada.
My entry for today’s Photo Friday challenge: Aqua.

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Driving more than 1400 miles

When you get older, leave your ordinary life behind and hit the open road.

Highway 1D in Mexico
I’m trying to get used to the fact that I’m officially in my 30s: married, working, domesticated and totally reliable. We have a good life in Cow Town and we have stable jobs. After a few bumps in the road, I am happy to be working as a journalist.

So when May rolled around and we stared at the reality of turning a year older, we decided to celebrate with a couple of weekend getaways.

In fact, it took us two weekends and 1,000+ miles on my hubby’s Corolla to celebrate our birthdays in May.

At the beginning of the month, we took advantage of my 3-day weekend (a prelude to my 10-day work week in the newsroom) and drove to Lake Tahoe. We left the chains behind and looked forward to hiking on the cliffs next to the lake, all under sunny skies.

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