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100 Happy Days: Team Zissou

My co-worker was surprised that I haven’t seen “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.” She said Wes Anderson fans love this movie.

She said I had to see it.

It was the perfect film for our “dinner and movie” night at home.

After work, I came home to a steamy kitchen. It smelled so good!
Mark made Spinach Pesto Chicken.
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Famous Silhouette

My high school math teacher introduced me to Alfred Hitchcock. He played his films after we finished an exam. He selected the older films from the 1930s including: “39 Steps” and “The Man Who Knew Too Much.” Plenty of drama and mystery. It skimped on the blood and sex from his later works.

MY teacher also played selections from the “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” TV series.

I fell in love with Hitchcock films during my freshman year at Cal. My dorm buddy wanted to get extra credit for watching “Vertigo.”
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Smell Ya Later!

I am so excited about a new Anchorman sequel. I’m totally planning on seeing this in the theaters.
Anchorman 2

(From blogs.houstonpress.com)

Another film that I won’t wait for cable/Netflix – the new Men in Black movie. Thanks to my newsroom colleague for posting this awesome Will Smith video on Facebook! The Fresh Prince of Bel Air takes over London.

ET, Watch Out!

Running around with kids, cameras and monster make-up…I found out about Super 8 thanks to an episode of the AV Club.

Set in Roswell, the J.J. Abrams film follows kids who were making a movie. Then they stumble onto a bigger story. It’s a great trailer. It could be a great summer flick.

Game Night

Hot Games
One of my favorite memories from my skating days: listening to the Zamboni crunch ice and rolling the ball over my initials on Centipede. I felt like kicking some butt on the ice after I see “KIS” next to the highest score on the screen.

Guarding my blocky shooter and firing at the slithering centipede was one way I stayed warm between freestyle sessions.


I suppose I’m a child of the 80s. Last year, we had a blast at the Atari Game Night in Davis.

Now – I’m counting down to December and the opening weekend of Tron: Legacy.

I am totally excited about this remake. The trailer looks amazing. I’m also crossing my fingers. I hope it doesn’t destroy all the things that made the original movie awesome.

I Heart Fellini

The style, the passion and the fabulous clothes…

I fell in love with Fedrico Fellini’s “8 1/2” at Cal. My film professor screened this film at the Pacific Film Archives. Marcello Mastroianni was brilliant as the Italian movie director who was struggling to come up with his next masterpiece.
8 1/2 by Fedrico Fellini
[from http://www.britannica.com]

For extra credit, I built a web site breaking down Woody Allen’s homage to 8 1/2: “Stardust Memories”. I had a lot of fun pulling images and video for this web project.

For curiosity’s sake, I want to watch this new Rob Marshall musical: “Nine“. I’m curious to see Daniel Day-Lewis walk in Mastroianni’s footsteps.

Stop Leaving Me!

On Saturday night, Mark pointed out we had a lot of good-byes. In San Francisco, we said “Bon Voyage” to my Medill for her cross-country road trip home. We also watched the last episodes of Battlestar Galactica. The series finale answered all questions except for one: “Will there be another war between the humans and cylons?”

On Sunday, the Parkway closed its doors for good.

My hubby and I had our first movie date there. Scary Movie 2. I know, quality cinema. Beyond my love life, I feel like this theater played a big part in my coming of age in the Bay Area. It was one of the first places I enjoyed ordering beer and chilling with my friends. It was a lovely place to hang out without trying to scream at each other over loud dance music and strobing lights.

The Parkway made being an adult fun.

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