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Slamming out scripts, answering newsroom calls

This week, I enjoyed breakfast as Patch local editors swapped tales and checked iPhone messages at That Bar in Danville for Happy Hour.

Breakfast Sliders
This is my kind of bar food. My hubby and I shared bacon, egg and jack cheddar cheese sliders. I wanted the eggs over easy so that the yolk would spill over the salty meat and bread. I used Choula to add a little kick to my hash browns. I used a couple of vodka 7-ups to wash away frayed nerves and endless worries.
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What Would Murrow Say?

That’s something one of my co-workers would ask as he’s writing for his show and working out his lead story for the top of his A Block (the first segment of his newscast).

Sometimes we’d wonder what one of the greatest journalists in American history would say about some of the things that end up in our newscasts. I’ve covered plenty of breaking news. It comes with the territory. Then there’s the feature segments that make it into our morning and midday shows: gourd art, humping cows (sorry Mom! I didn’t know you were watching that!), holiday fashion gifts and the results of an AP/Yahoo poll that shows who pet owners want as the next President of the United States.

Now for your online viewing pleasure: behind the scenes moments on the desk. Thanks to the magic of YouTube and other video sites, viewers get to see what news anchors do during commercial breaks:

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