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Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Another year.
Another promise to run more.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved
These are my shoe prints from yesterday’s 2.5 mile run along the beach near Fort Funston. Funston is paradise for dogs. Tails wagging, balls flying and leashes wrapped around their humans. Clearly, my Daisy would be outraged by her 4-legged colleagues who have embraced the leash-less lifestyle. So, I left her at home for this run.

Running Resolutions
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

An odd food spot trend in Barcelona: naming restaurants after American states. I ran past “Nebraska” in our L’Eixample neighborhood. We also found “Kentucky” on one of our museum trips.

In Sitges, “Kansas” had a lovely bar on the beach.
This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Today – I’m pouring over political highlights from last night’s Presidential debate.
Last night – I cheered on the Giants with my hubby and puppy on our couch.
Last weekend – I said “Adios” to Spain and flew back home to the Bay Area.

Now, I’m going over a ton of vacation photos. I spotted this cross on the Santa Cova trail on Montserrat. You can read more about our day trip out of Barcelona on my Eurotrip blog.
I thought this would be a nice entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette.


Travel theme: Foliage

Another sign of Autumn – fat, juicy grapes hanging on the vines.

I snapped these shots by St. Supery in Napa. We watched winery workers crush Chardonnay grapes as part of its harvest season.
Soon, these lush green leaves will change to gold. That’s when California’s wine country will bundle up for cold weather, sharp breezes and the beginning of Winter.

I thought this would work for this week’s Travel theme: Foliage.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

If I wanted to see any photos of me in St. Petersburg, I had to get creative. I took advantage of the huge mirrors inside the Mariinsky Theatre for this shot with my Droid X.


This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary.
Mariinsky Theatre
It’s a beautiful venue for ballet. I enjoyed my solo work trip/vacation in Russia.

I’m also ready to travel again! I have a never-ending “to do” list for our Barcelona trip. I’m doing the thumbs up/thumbs down process with my mental wardrobe. My bedtime reading: Lonely Planet Guidebook to Barcelona.

I also want to straighten out the moving box jungle inside my home office before I step on the plane at SFO. It may sound ambitious. I think I can do it.

Soon, I’ll be updating this blog with photos from Spain.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

I gave up on my Droid X. I was fed up with the freezing and corrupted photo/videos. Also, phone rebooting without warning – not cool.

I dived back into geocaching when I switched to the iPhone. I missed the hunt. The mind puzzles tickled me.
Quarry Park Geocache
I believe the best part about geocaching: exploring places that were off my radar. We spotted this cache at Quarry Park in Half Moon Bay.

Pretty Geocache!

This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands.