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Travel Theme: Rivers

I loved walking by the Neva River in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Neva River

I liked watching my husband punting on the River Cam in Cambridge, England.
Punting on the River Cam

I spotted a duck family swimming along the swollen Arkansas River in Wichita, Kansas.
Ducks on the Arkansas River

I enjoyed watching the sunset and sipping cocktails by the American River in Sacramento.
Checking out the dining scene along the American River in Sacramento

This is my entry for this week’s Travel Theme: Rivers.

Moving right along

Six years ago – when President Bush faced off against his Democratic challenger John Kerry – I faxed my Los Angeles County ballot from London. From cafes off Oxford Circus to our flat under the Old Burlington Arms, my fiancee telecommuted to Berkeley as I worked on my residency at Reuters.

Punting off the River Cam

Five years ago – my hubby and I loaded up our Toyota Corollas (Yes – the folks at Midas call us the Corolla couple) with everything we needed to move to Kansas and I started my career in broadcast news.

This Friday, I say good-bye to TV news in Sacramento and step into the world of hyperlocal journalism with AOL’s Patch.com.
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Nerve Center

Inside the newsroom, an intern asked what type of sandwich I would like from Togos. The assignment desk reassigned him from answering phones to making sure the rest of the staff had enough fuel to power through our wall-to-wall coverage of the Roseville Galleria Fire.

“No thank you,” I said. I didn’t mean to wave him away but I was in the middle of logging an interview with the Roseville Mayor, uploading viewer photos on the fire and keeping tabs on where our reporters and cameras were stationed for the biggest news story of the week. So far.

He had his assignment and I had mine. Both of us didn’t want to disappoint the newsroom.
My Web Story: Community stunned by Roseville Galleria fire
As I worked into my 9th hour at the station, I wasn’t ready to give up my focus on all the cameras trained on that dark plume of smoke from a fire that was burning all day.
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Juggling chainsaws

My 10 a.m. lectures and my walks by the Neva River seem like a dream away. Good thing I snapped a couple of pictures.

Moving on to life in the newsroom at 5 a.m.: Log onto computer…. scan website… scan AP/Bay City/ABC news wires…. update website…. tune into scanners… write news stories… grab video… make still captures… slideshows… update Twitter/Facebook/e-mail list serves…. kick ass.

Oh yeah – then produce the Midday news show.

No problem. Sounds like fun? Yes. Challenging? Of course.

Burning out? Maybe. But – it’s a fascinating job and I’m doing something different every day.

Most importantly, I’m not bored.

Chan Chan
My strategy for staying sane in the newsroom: good food with good friends.
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A little bit of everything

Over the last few weeks, my schedule in the newsroom was a roller coaster ride of responsibilities.

Last weekend, I tracked grass fires and fireworks for the evening news shows. During the week, I produced slideshows and logged a news conference on a scary house explosion for the website. I suppose it all adds up to a typical week for the gal who produces shows and web content.

When I survive the work week, I hit the road in search of new flavors and comfort food. Thank God for my hubby and friends who enjoy eating and drinking.
Take Out Art
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Hello Dino

Hello Dino
Despite chilly weather, I enjoyed walking around Sacramento for Second Saturday. There were great deals from outdoor vendors (Check out the adorable Hello Kitty earrings that my hubby picked up for me!). Also, we browsed by some whimsical pieces by up-and-coming artists and rubbed shoulders with some outrageous characters.

Hey Facebook peeps! Check out the spiffy photo slideshow on my blog page.

Until we run out of cake…

Today – I slept in until 6:30 AM.
24 hours earlier – I was printing scripts for my director, swapping out stories for a live report at a deadly accident scene and writing teases for my 2-hour show.

Last Day

Yesterday – I wrapped up my last day of work in Sacramento TV News. It’s the end of my contract and I decided to pass on my station’s offer to renew it for another 3 years. Bottom line – my hubby and I want to move to the Bay Area and start a family.
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Fall Flavors 2009

Finally. December.

I’m trying to keep track of all the amazing food we sampled over the past few months. So far, I have tweeted several gourmet experiences. Now – I’ll try to sum up some of those dining adventures, beyond 140 characters.

We did a Thanksgiving Lunch at the Bistro in downtown Sonoma. I needed a relaxing afternoon after spending 10-plus hours in the newsroom. This Charcuterie plate had a lovely mix of foie gras, pork tartine and sausage. I loved spreading the rich foie on white bread.

Davis Dim Sum
We continue to head east for comfort food in Davis. I enjoy the handmade noodles from the Noodle House. I always order these dim sum plates as appetizers: pork BBQ buns and onion pancakes. These hearty flavors fill me up on a chilly autumn day or soothe my stomach after a night of drinking.

Chicken Fried Bacon
In Berkeley, we celebrated Scott’s birthday at T-Rex BBQ. I had to try the chicken-fried bacon. Crazy! A bit chewy and I managed to sample some hints of bacon goodness in this hor d’oeuvre.

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Life is a Blur

It feels like my work days are blending together. We’re in the middle of sweeps. I’m slammed with crazy hours, breaking news and guest requests inside the newsroom.

Before sweeps, I produced a very cool show with Dr. Oz. He even changed out of his suit and into some medical scrubs. Then he did yoga inside the studio – barefoot.
As Close As I get

And something for my dad. Peter Yarrow, of “Peter, Paul and Mary” performed on my show. I have some lovely memories of my dad singing “Puff, the Magic Dragon.” Peter sang that song for us and chatted about his new children’s book.
Meeting Peter Yarrow

I’m trying to stay positive and I’m trying to find some safe places to deal with my stress.
Only 3 weeks and 3 days to go.