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Autumn Colors 2009

After a long day in the newsroom, I enjoy driving past the red and gold trees on I-80. The bright autumn colors are a thrill to me, especially after spending my work day inside a windowless office.
Finding Fall

Our neighborhood in Vacaville has a nice collection of trees changing colors. I once thought I had to live on the East Coast or in the Midwest to find these autumn colors. It’s nice to find them so close to home in California.
Golden Autumn
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Oh What A Circus

Oh What A Circus, originally uploaded by queenkv.

My hubby works next to a circus. Those oak trees are the site of a showdown between environmental activists, police and the powers that be at UC Berkeley. A judge is expected to decide on a lawsuit challenging Cal’s plan to get rid of the trees and build a new sports center. We’ll wait and see what happens.