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Adventures in Married Life

Hubby’s working at home. Yah! It’s a pleasure to see him after my graveyard shift. After I finished up an episode of Bleach, I stumble into his room.

Me: “I’m ready for a hug….this could be exciting”

I let myself slump into his arms, basking in his strength and comfort.

Him: “Felt like you were about to fall over.”
Me: “I know. That was the exciting part.”

So sleepy.

Inside My Kitchen

Channeling my inner Martha Stewart.
Since I’m freelancing, between jobs and spending plenty of time at home, I’m challenging myself in the kitchen.

Cod en Papillote
Thanks to Serious Eats, I tried out this French technique with fish: Cod en Papillote. The foil helped cook the cod fillets perfectly. Unfortunately, I used salted butter. That, plus a generous pinch of salt made this dish too salty for my palate.
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Lap Dog Panting

Trying to convince my puppy to drink some water.
She’s panting up a storm after our last run by Alamo Creek. She starts strong, but she doesn’t know how to pace herself.

After the Run

Before the run: She’s a furry ball of energy when she sees me in my running pants and tiny socks. After the run, she gives me this look: “What part of “lap dog” don’t you understand?” I know cocker spaniels are typically pampered pets, but Daisy has energy to burn. Plus – she has the sad look on her face when I leave her behind for longer runs.
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Weekend of Eating

(Side note: The job hunt, social media video projects and Google Reader distractions have pushed me behind on this blog and my little videos. I’m playing catch-up. I’m also grateful for everything that’s keeping me busy while I live a life of leisure in Cow Town)

Good times in Vacaville: We rang in the New Year at home with our friends. Our last meal of 2009: Beer-can chicken, salad, garlic bread, lasagna and plenty of sparkling wine & beer.

My Fierce Men for New Year's Eve. Wooby  Tom  Mark and Andrei #fb

When we hook up – that usually means plenty of good eating and drinking. Someone said we should spend the New Years weekend eating every three hours.

Mission Accomplished.

On the first day of 2010 – we had something to satisfy meat lovers, savory cravings and sweet teeth. I loved the scent of bacon grease and sourdough pancake batter taking over my kitchen. My Daisy enjoyed watching Mark and Andrei work off the cork on the bottle of Barefoot Brut Sparkling Wine. We had to have our mimosas with the first meal of the New Year.

First Day of 2010 from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

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Fog in Vacaville

Soupy skies over Cow Town. Kinda like the outlook on my future career.

“Reply hazy, try again,” from the Magic 8-Ball”

Our last walk by Alamo Creek for 2009

Also fuzzy – my eyes. Today, on the Alamo Creek bike/run trail, it was pretty obvious I had weak eyes when I took off my glasses. My spectacles got a little foggy after running more than 5 miles on the trail. Without my glasses, I could barely make out colors and shapes. I certainly couldn’t drive with this eyesight. However, I could move forward on the trail without my glasses.
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Autumn Colors 2009

After a long day in the newsroom, I enjoy driving past the red and gold trees on I-80. The bright autumn colors are a thrill to me, especially after spending my work day inside a windowless office.
Finding Fall

Our neighborhood in Vacaville has a nice collection of trees changing colors. I once thought I had to live on the East Coast or in the Midwest to find these autumn colors. It’s nice to find them so close to home in California.
Golden Autumn
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Back In The Kitchen

I had to work on Thanksgiving. I knew I had no energy or patience to cook after producing a 3-hour show. So, we decided to save our Thanksgiving cooking/feast for Saturday.

I always feel guilty about spending the holiday away from our family in So. Cal and in Buffalo. If you sign on to work in TV news, that’s just one of the realities for our schedules. I’m still happy to mess around in the kitchen with my immediate family: Mark and Daisy. This reminded me of our Thanksgiving Meal in Topeka.

8 Hours Later
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I filled up on fresh oysters.
This is part of our road trip to Tomales Bay with my parents. We spent a lot of quality time in the car on the windy Highway 1.

Dozen Oysters

I’ll post more pictures on this foodie road trip soon.

Now I need to work off all the calories! Here are the stats from my latest run by Alamo Creek. On Nike+Runs, I signed up for the free 10 K Training Program. It’s 12-weeks long. So far so good.