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100 Happy Days: Team USA

I lost my voice cheering for Team USA during a World Cup Watch Party at Henry’s in Berkeley.

We got an awesome table thanks to Suzanne and Ryan. It was a fun game. It’s always a pleasure to watch soccer games with my News10 buddies.
World Cup Watch Party

Deja vu from four years ago.
Another bittersweet ending. I kept thinking Team USA would get break in overtime. Heck, we scored a goal!

However – Belgium just played better and knocked us out of the World Cup.

Better luck next time.
Day 58 of 100 Happy Days.

Memories of the Bandwagon

Go Team USA! One week ago – I gave up on cautious hope and believed our team could go all the way to the World Cup finals.
OMG #USA! Rocking the #worldcup madness in Davis #fb
It was a wild ride. It was a bit stuffy inside the Graduate in Davis….but I knew I was in the best place to watch the match.

Still riding on a wave of patriotic athleticism, the Daily Show interviewed Team Captain Landon Donovan and coach Bob Bradley.

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Landon Donovan & Bob Bradley
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It’s a great conversation about the sport, the World Cup and the fans.


Ignore my beer belly.
My buddy and co-worker, Suzanne, shot me shooting all the amazing World Cup fans at the Graduate in Davis.
On Duty

Team USA did its best to take down Ghana in the so-called “Field of 16.”
And for one glorious moment – it looked like we had a chance of moving on to the next round.

This goal drove the crowd crazy! It was exhilarating to be one with all Americans – cheering, chanting and hoping for a miracle on the other side of the globe.

By 2:00 p.m. PST – Ghana knocks out USA: 2-1.

In the end: Bravo, Team USA.
And better luck next time.