brain dead…

plenty of interviews canceling on me…at the last minute…I do have a preview story on the State of the Union. I read last year’s speech and I watched an episode of West Wing for some inspiration….

missed out on a yummy dinner with Steph – last night….she got the orginal Manchurian Candidate DVD from NetFlix, today….

feeling bent out of shape.

I had a dream last night about needing a cat. I needed a cat to help a little girl get over depression. Around midnight – I walked into a animal testing facility to save one of the kittens. In this world – humane society’s have been replaced with animal testing facilities. These place also have an adoption center – more of a last chance shot for the animals that are dropped off by other humans.

I got there at the time when a couple dropped off a kitten, the size of my cupped palms. They said the kitten didn’t want to eat. It was an orange ball of fuzz that looked more like a toy than a kitten. But it moved around, playing with a ball and meowed. I said I would take it. The couple looked happy….but they told me the kitten didn’t want to eat….so don’t get my hopes up.

Since the kitten wasn’t registered at the facility – I was techinally free to take it home…but some weird bureaucrat thought the kitten should be tested on….they were running low on felines. So, first he said I could have a dog instead of a cat. But I already fell in love with the kitten – I refused. Then he showed me the puppy – it was brown and cute. I said I’d take both. He wanted me to choose. I kicked him in the crotch, grabbed the kitten and urged the puppy to run away with me.

We entered this labyrinth of offices and lab space. The bureaucrat sicced secuirty guards on us. We hid in a closet. I was afraid of the puppy barking or the kitten meowing.

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  1. jediwes

    Ya know … one of these days, I hope your subconscious will learn that kicking people in the crotch really isn’t a mature way to settle a conflict. That said, be sure to yell ‘liar, liar, pants on fire’ at W tonight. I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities.

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