Surf and Turf

We spent a wet Easter Sunday in San Francisco with our friends. Because of my spiffy work schedule, my hubby suggested driving down to LA and spending the holiday weekend with family. But I didn’t like the idea of driving back home after Mass.

So, it was a pleasure to eat good food and chill with Susan and Tom. Over the last two years, we put a lot of miles on Mark’s Corolla, crossing the Carquinez and Bay Bridges. I think it’s totally worth the mileage to spend time with people I consider I close enough to be family.

This is the third year that we’ve done something special for Easter Sunday in SF, growing into a lovely tradition.

Easter Dinner at the Waterbar
We followed Susan’s suggestion of Easter dinner at the Waterbar on the Embarcadero. The stormy weather offered a romantic backdrop to our classy feast of seafood, wine and other gourmet treats.

Steak on the grill
Before the weather turned stormy, we marked the end of Lent with steaks on the grill. When I smelled the savory, rich aroma of meat sizzling over hot flames, I nearly melted.

One disclaimer – I made exceptions for going veggie during Lent when it came to eating at other people’s homes. I didn’t want to impose my semi-Pescetarian lifestyle other people’s hospitality.

Standing in the kitchen, I watched my Daisy beg for scraps by Mark as he flipped the meat. I inhaled all those amazing flavors wafting over from the grill.

I felt blessed to be back in the land of the carnivore.

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Halibut with caviar
Back in San Francisco, I ordered the halibut topped with caviar. The delicate flavors of the halibut played nicely with olive oil and seasonal vegetables. Yum! In fact, all of the Waterbar’s Easter Menu showcased fresh seafood paired with first-class ingredients. We also took advantage of the Happy Hour deal on oysters – $1 oysters before 6 PM.

I’d love to come back to the Waterbar on a sunny, warm day. They have patio seating and a stunning view of the Bay. I imagine outdoor cocktails and $1 oysters would be the perfect way to end the work week.

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