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100 Happy Days: Healthy Living

Healthy living and feeling stronger.
I used a 12-pound medicine ball for sit-ups and Russian twists during today’s O2 Bodyfit class. It was a tough circuit. However, I could handle the weight.
Last year, I used a 6-pound ball.

After class, I made vegetable quiche cups with green bell peppers, mushrooms, zucchini and red onions. I added Pepper Plant hot sauce.
I used a recipe from “The Kitchen is My Playground.”

Also – I love having leftover quiche cups!

Day 81 of 100 Happy Days.

100 Happy Days: On the Wall

On the Wall at Smugglers Cove:

It’s thrilling to see our names up there! We worked hard on those rum tastings. Fine. “Work” may not be the right word for it.

We certainly enjoyed all the rum. I also couldn’t stop laughing at that silly hazing ceremony.

We celebrated with one of the bar’s master rums: Myers’s Planter Punch Brand 1938 Rum. It’s a funky Jamaican rum. It’s also quite complex and smooth. I liked it.

Finally, a San Francisco bar that knows both of our names. Well, they certainly can’t forget us!

Day 77 of 100 Happy Days.

100 Happy Days: Team Zissou

My co-worker was surprised that I haven’t seen “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.” She said Wes Anderson fans love this movie.

She said I had to see it.

It was the perfect film for our “dinner and movie” night at home.

After work, I came home to a steamy kitchen. It smelled so good!
Mark made Spinach Pesto Chicken.
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100 Happy Days: Mornings

My mornings start with this cutie. Daisy likes to sleep in.
She tries to get me to spend more time in bed.
Puppy cuddles are a great way to start my day.

After my workout, I had leftover ramen for lunch.
I added shiitake and pink oyster mushrooms to this roasted pork ramen from the Chubby Noodle pop-up inside Amante.
I also added Sriracha.
I garnished the broth and noodles with chopped green onions.


Day 67 of 100 Happy Days.