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I left my heart in California

So Happy Together

So tasty together: layers of butter cream and cashews. My cousin’s sans rival cake is one of my favorite Filipino deserts.
Sans Rival

It’s just one of the perks of moving to San Diego. It’s lovely to live so close to family.

Thanks to my work schedule, I can enjoy more birthdays, baby showers and brunches.
Thanks to my nephews and nieces, I had Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are,” stuck in my head for the work week.
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Blackout Curtains

I used to wake up in darkness. I spent more than eight years getting out of bed with blackout curtains draped over our bedroom windows.

They were necessary. They helped me fall asleep for my graveyard shifts. Just like 32 oz. of coffee helped me jumpstart my brain before sunrise.

This morning, I watched sunlight peeping thru the blinds. I listened to my dog snoring on my knee. I spotted my husband buried under the covers.

My body has shifted. I’m sleeping past sunrise.

Sun Salutations
I worked on my yoga practice in our new backyard this morning.
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Travel Theme: Details

It’s all about the details. Street art in San Francisco’s Clarion Alley.

My last bootcamp workout in Daly City.
#Werkit - My last Bootcamp workout with @o2bodyfit. These guys rock! They helped me become stronger.

Doggie Diner spotting by 16th and Valencia in San Francisco.
Here's looking at you kid. #DoggieDiner pit stop by 16th and Valencia in #SF Mission.  @johnwlaw @EmperorsBridge

A bonfire burning brightly and quickly in Oakland … our last night in the Bay Area.
Burn baby burn. One way to get rid of an old Xmas tree. Last bonfire in the Bay Area

Random moments before I said good-bye.

My entry for this week’s Travel Theme: Details.

Home Sweet Hicksville

Home Sweet Hicksville.

My skating friend introduced me to the camping trailer lifestyle on our Las Vegas trip. Her family packed 9 people into their trailer. They parked it at Circus Circus. I shared the top bunk with her. We stayed up all night, playing carnival games and eating junk food in the Midway.

I won a teddy bear dressed as a bride. I sold it to a mother who couldn’t win a game.

We visited Joshua Tree on our weekend. We stayed at the Hicksville Trailer Palace.

I had a blast.

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Geocache Adventures in Pasadena

I always thought of Pasadena as part of my teenage stomping grounds. There was so much to do without a fake ID.

Sipping coffee in Old Town. Goofing around on the diagonal crosswalks. Watching sneak previews.

As an adult (who is still carded at Old Town bars), I discovered more of the city’s nooks and crannies thanks to my geocache adventures.
Blast from the past. Memorial arch from #Pasadena 's first public library. Damaged by 1933 Long Beach #Earthquake
One cache led me to the Memorial Arch of Pasadena’s first free public library.

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