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Why I’d Rock My Dream Job

Over the weekend, I sent in my resume for Murphy-Goode’sWine Country Lifestyle Correspondent position.


So, you’ve seen why I think I’d rock this dream job.

Now, I want to share some of my professional and personal references for this job in Sonoma County.
This is from Andrea James in Seattle, Washington. We graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

NU still negotiating to open campus in Qatar – Campus

I found this link on Romensko’s blog: NU still negotiating to open campus in Qatar – Campus.

There are some interesting changes underway at my alma mater. I happen like the idea of expanding the journalism program to the Middle East. The students would gain so much insight and experience in that part of the world — more so than reading about it in the Times or watching reports on CNN.

“O’Keefe confirmed that the contract has not been signed, and wrote that NU is still in discussions with the Qatar Foundation but more “definite news” might be available in October.

If a contract is signed, NU will open a school in Education City, a complex of campuses located in Doha, the capital of Qatar.” – from Daily Northwestern

I enjoyed taking advantage of our global journalism program at Medill. It was hard work but it gave me the chance to produce news and features for an international wire service in London. Mark and I are grateful for our European adventure.

trying to stay strong

finished my paper…had a delightful conversation with an English professor on soccer and globalization…he wrote about “football” but he doesn’t have a favorite team….

picked up Nick Hornby’s “Fever Pitch.” i didn’t get to use it for my paper…but I do like his writing…”About a Boy” was a great book…

listened to Cure’s “Friday, I’m in Love” on my way to school…that put me in a boppin’ mood…anything to stimulate energy. i feel tired. I also feel good.
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my second wind…

i’m ready to go to bed….

still need to write these headlines and anchor introductions…need to interview football fans and players for my global paper….need to write global paper…need to work on the schedule for work…i’m pooped.

wanna see what i look like with my warpaint?


This is for my final project…
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i have about two weeks left of school.

plenty to do….one debate to prepare for – a paper on soccer and how it affects globlization – my four minute news package on traders taking yoga – producing our newsmagazine.

it feels like a lot – but i’d rather do this than work at a job that doesn’t inspire me.

heading back to CA this week for work….my last training day for student workers.

the olympics

i was at the news room until 8 last night – working on my script. we watched part of the opening ceremonies on NBC.

[AP photo]

and the world was worried Athens wouldn’t be ready…overall – I lovely spectacle…when I was younger, I thought I could have marched in the Winter Olympics…back when I thought I had talent.

[Reuters photo]

and yesterday….after whirlwind of interviews and shooting….I found out somebody died in my dorm….on my floor…just a few doors down.

it was freaky and depressing.
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