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Ready to Learn, Willing to Listen

We’re less than 24 hours away from the Top 10 Announcement.
Omega Cellars

Tomorrow, Murphy-Goode will let the world know who’s coming up to Healdsburg for face-to-face interviews.

Hi Again… from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

Thank you for your support! Andrea, Matt, Ann, Kendall, Fally & Sara – you rock with your video/blog references.
It’s A Really Goode Job. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Wine-stained postcard

Guest Blog by Sara O!

Hi. Sara O. here. I’m hijacking Kris’s blog to supplement the video that Andrea shot endorsing Kris for the really Goode job.

See this? It’s a post card with a date stamp of Oct. 31, 2004. It was sent to me in the Czech Republic from England by Kris, husband Mark, and Andrea, back when we were all living in Europe as part of our journalism residencies. If you look at it closely, you’ll see several stains on it.

Wine-Stained Memories

Those are wine stains. Having traveled and visited and dined with Kris before, I can vouch that food and wine are a big part of her life. So are sharing her food and drinking experiences. I mean, they got me, a relative non-drinker, to go cavorting about Napa just this past January.

I also want to add that, sure, she’s got the multi-media thing going for her (does she ever), but don’t forget that she’s also great with personal touches. Like the post card I’m sharing with you now. I hope it’s worth a thousand words to help her land the Murphy-Goode Winery job.

Looking Ahead

So big and leafy. My dill plant buried under the potato leaves. I plan on moving that herb tomorrow. I love staring at our veggie garden and dreaming about the harvest. When life is crazy, it’s nice to have something solid and down-to-earth. Like this garden.

Still Alive

I think we have green thumbs! I also think the last round of rainy weather helped our veggie garden.

Still Alive!
The potatoes are thriving. There are 10 leafy plants sprouting from the ground. I shot this picture last month. Now, the potato leaves cover most of the ground. I had to replant the rosemary because the potato leaves covered most of it. I think I’ll have to replant the dill as well, because of those potato leaves.

Dig In

Hello May.

I’m quite happy Vacaville got rain overnight. My veggie garden can use it and it syncs up nicely with my Saturday morning watering schedule.

I’m also following all things about gardening, including the First Lady’s green efforts at the White House.

I think Michelle Obama’s amazing. She’s a style icon, dressed in fashion-forward outfits by American designers. Then there are these down to earth photographers, where she’s in a tank top and digging holes for new trees. (still wondering why the President doesn’t have a shovel or tree in his hands). She makes the transition from evening gown to working pants look so easy.

I also love the Official White House Photostream on Flickr. There are some wonderful candid shots of the President, the First Family and the White House staff.

Eating Local: Berkeley Style

FREMONT, CALIF — I went jogging around Mission Blvd this morning. I forget about eating healthy on my Cali trips. So I try to burn off calories with my running shoes.

I’ve also managed to keep up my Eat Local Challenge in the Bay Area. It’s easy to do when so many vegetables and fruits are in season. (I know, California doesn’t have “seasons”….but I think it’s so frickin’ cool we can have roses blooming in the winter.)

originally uploaded by queenkv.

I spent my first day in Cali at the best public university in the world: the University of California Berkeley. I knew I was in Berkeley when I walked into this ladies restroom at Kroeber Hall.

Go Bears! Today, we’re rooting for our #6 football team to take down Oregon. That’s #6 in the COUNTRY. Go Bears!

originally uploaded by queenkv.

Before my Cali trip, I had major cravings for Cheese Board Pizza. Baked with fresh, local ingredients and cheesy goodness. I also loved it when they brush olive oil over the thin crust pie. Basically, this is California gourmet food with a Berkeley attitude. Their daily specials are always veggie and they always taste good.

Bottom line: Cheese Board makes my favorite pizza in the WORLD.
And I knew my first Cali dinner had to be at this North Berkeley institution.
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Local Fast Food

Last weekend, we stopped by Local Burger in Lawrence.

“We support local farmers, advocate for the humane treatment of animals and workers, recycle right in the dining room, and compost our organic waste, all while serving food that tastes good and is good for you.” – from the Local Burger web site.

I had my first taste of Elk meat.

originally uploaded by queenkv.

According to the menu, the meat is from grass-fed elk out of the Rocky Hills Elk Ranch at Winchester, Kansas. I also adore the cleansing side of brown rice. Sometimes I mess around with garlic powder, cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar…to see if I can reproduce my favorite side dish. So far, I’ve ended up with spicy rice without the melt-in-your-mouth goodness in the bowl picture above. Sigh.